Julia Golding

Inspiring places
Every author needs a dog!.jpg

Every author needs a dog or two!

Doorways to other worlds.jpg

Books are doorways to other worlds

Favourite school library!.jpg

Libraries are key to being an author

Freydis' world.jpg

Travel provides inspiration - this is Freydis' world

Inspiring places - Winchester.jpg

Places closer to home can inspire too

Love to travel - China.jpg

I love to travel always looking for ideas

Meeting the school snake.jpg

Sometimes ideas are met in strange places - the school snake for example


Norway - home to Wolf Cry

Radcliffe Camera.jpg

Finding inspiration in my city - Radcliffe Camera

Researching falconry.jpg

Hands on experience of falconry for The Glass Swallow

Rick's sword in Ashmolean.jpg

Finding Rick's sword in the Ashmolean