Meet Mel Foster and his friends in the Monster Resistance!
Can you find the Demon Butler?
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When Mel Foster accidentally revives a giantess from inside a block of ice, he thinks his goose is cooked.

But Eve is no MONSTER. She doesn't want to eat Mel—she wants to protect him.

And he's going to need all the help he can get. Queen Victoria's butler is hatching a Plan that could DESTROY the British Empire and only Mel has the power to stop him!
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And on to part 2 - out 7th April 2016

How do you catch a thief who can travel in time?

That’s the that faces Mel Foster, Eve Frankenstein and the heroes of the Monster Resistance when priceless items begin vanishing. The Mona Lisa … Queen Victoria’s Crown Jewels … nothing is safe!

But the next item on the thief’s list is no diamond. It’s Mel himself! Before Mel knows it he’s been kidnapped and stranded in the past.

Mel’s only wish is to get back home. But a boy by the name of the Artful Dodger has very different plans for him …