Julia Golding

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Darcie is a fourteen year old girl who gets caught up in international espionage and nail-biting adventures. Her stories take her from East Africa to East Asia, with a stopover in Cornwall and Paris! If you like spy stories and fast-paced plots, these are the books for you.

The idea for Darcie came from my own career as a British Diplomat. I spent five years in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office travelling the world. You are probably familiar with the male spies, such as the James Bond films, and in books, Alex Rider and the Young Bond; I thought I would try giving the genre another spin, one that worked closer to the reality and bought a girl properly into the action rather than as an add-on or damsel in distress.

Some of the other characters were a surprise to me too. They emerged throughout he writing. The most important of these is Darcie's friend, Stingo, a special forces soldier, whose career has become entwined with her adventures. A kind of older brother to her, he often drops in to lend a hand.

The books are in order: Ringmaster, Empty Quarter, and Deadlock.

I'd like to write another but would have to do so on my own time. There is definitely one more Darcie in me!
What readers are saying:

'Your Cat Royal and Darcie Lock series are both sooo amazing! I love them, and more importantly you make me love the people in the book. It's like I know them and that they are my best friends.' Nicola, June '13