Julia Golding

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From: Stingo, SAS Secret training base
I woke to find your face splashed across the front pages & U R supposed to B in hiding! What the hell R U doing getting mixed up with the US President's out of control daughter?

From: Darcie Lock, afloat in the Mediterranean
Things R not how the press reported it. Don't know Y I'm here but 1 thing's certain: my so-called cruise is headed into stormy waters.

Darcie's stuck aboard a cruise ship for problem rich kids. It sounds exotic but it’s more like boot camp. Things are about to get interesting though... Darcie becomes embroiled in a kidnapping plot that will take her from Naples, via Cyprus, to Egypt and on a terrifying journey through the desert empty quarter.

An adventure-thriller starring Darcie Lock.

What the readers say:

'I was in the middle of the Cat Royal series, when my friend let me borrow empty quarter! I fell in love with this book as soon as I read the first couple of pages.' Bellete

'These are great 5 stars I mean us girls can't let guys like Alex rider have all the fun' Maria