Julia Golding

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The Gorgon's Gaze

The dark eyes of the gorgon blazed at Connie, beating down upon her with awesome power. Connie felt a burning coldness scorching her skin, entering her flesh and freezing her to the spot. Now the gorgon would begin the slow process of killing her, turning her pounding heart to stone...

Mallins Wood is under threat, and with it the home of the last remaining gorgon - a mythical creature that can kill with a look. Only a handful of people know that she still exists. Col and his mother are among them, and both are determined to save her, and the forest.

While Col tries to rally support amongst the locals, his mum is hatching a more deadly plan. Egged on by the evil shapeshifter Kullervo, she is ready to sacrifice Col’s best friend, Connie, to protect the gorgon. But first she needs Col to lure Connie to the gorgon’s lair...

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