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Billy’s answers

Billy, how many hiding spots on your person do you have for weapons? And how many different types of knives/wires/other weapons do you have? Do you have a gun? Isabel

Now that’s a bit personal. A bloke likes to keep his weapons closer than his friends. Put it this way, I’m a walking Tower of London with me very own armoury. Guns I don’t favour as they take too long to load. Quick and clean is my motto.

This ones for billy,
You are my absolute favorite character (after cat) in all the cat royal books so will you answer these questions for me?
1) how many weapons do you usually carry around with you?2) how many people are in your gang?3) what is your favorite color?4) what are your plans after getting married?(you don't have to answer that one if you don't want to)5 do you try to get your business tangled up with cats?6) do you know about/have you seen cats tattoo?(its a black cat)7)(last one) hypothetically if you had to save Cat again where would you want to be when it happened? Why?
Thanks for reading these(if you did)
Please reply soon, Monica
P.S. I really hope you're in the next book
P.P.S. I also hope you don't start getting all sweet on cat after what happened in the fifth book and the middle passage Monica

You are obviously a girl of great wisdom, Monica, and if I weren’t already spoken for (contracts signed) I’d put you on my list as potential Mrs Shepherd. See above for answer on weapons. At the moment I have about a hundred people reporting to me. Colour? The colour of money – gold. Miss Abingdon wants a grand affair – I’m leaving all that to her. I am happy when Cat and I cross paths as I always come away entertained.

Tattoo? Oi, Cat, what’s all this?

I’d want to be in my grand castle with Cat working as a scullery maid – she’d love that.

Dear Mr Shepherd,
Or may I call you Billy? You are my favourite character in all of cat's books, and i was wondering if you would spare the time to awnser a couple of questions? Firstly, how did you manage to transform yourself from gang lord to genleman?Did you ever marry your beer heiress? and can I be in your gang? I'm the best shot out of all my cadets and can fit into REALLY small spaces! :D
lots of love
p.s. Cat is and idiot for not taking you up on your offer in Den Of Theives
Miss Olivia Taylor-Rothwell

Transformation? I made it with great difficulty – I’m still learning. These toffs have their own code and it’s hard to crack. The wedding is still on. Yes, welcome aboard. Let’s talk how much you’re gonna make for me, luv.

Billy: Now that I know about Cat's family, I'm curious: what is your family background like? Is there anyone (or anything) you consider as family now? Thanks! Karak

My family is as sweet and kind as me.

Is this where I send my questions for Billy? Anyway, here goes...
Mr Shephard, now you are mingling with more upper class types, is your empire in St Giles still running strong? Do you have any brothers or sisters? What would you say are your best qualities? What do you think of the new Drury Lane theatre? Thank you for answering. Rebekah

St Giles is still the centre of my operations. I have a half brother working for me. My best qualities are my modesty and generosity. The new theatre is a bit of a pig’s breakfast if you ask me.

Questions for Mr. Shepherd: Do you intend to marry Miss Abingdon soon? Have you heard that Cat has found her brother and was almost hung in Scotland? Do you intend to have further adventures with Cat? And lastly, why don't you make yourself useful and (secretly mind you)help Cat get work at a theatre? Lena

Yes – there are contracts depending on it.
It doesn’t surprise me.
Cat will go her own way. She don’t need me.

Dear Billy,
(If he's answering) Why didn't you pop up when Cat went to Scotland. You appear to follow her around rather like a dog and pop up to cause inconvenience for her. So how come you never turned up in Scotland. Also did you like what Cat brought back with her? How do you feel now she has a brother that could get in the way of your confusing relationship with Cat?
P.S Have you married the beer princess yet? Also have you questioned Cat further about her escapades in the navy which resulted in her tattoo, which matches that lovely necklace you bought her? Anon

Dog? Come outside and say that to my face!

Hello again Billy!

Here's a bundle of queer questions for you to amuse yourself (and myself - and everyone else's self) with;

If I were to say I LOATHED you, you would... laugh

If I said I LOVED you, you would... laugh

If CAT said she LOVED you, you would... you guessed it - laugh

If I ate your last CAKE, you would... thump you hard

If you were PRESS-GANGED LIKE CAT WAS, you would... become captain

If you traveled to the year 2013, you would... make a million

Billy....what is your favourite crime to commit and whats your most secret hiding place on you for a knife???
Ruby ;)

Fraud. I hide it up my *censored *.

Dear Billy would you ever consider getting a pet and marriage? how rich are you? what's your favourite girls name? please don't not say anything or say you don't have one or say it doesn't concern me. you can just say what it starts with... Haseena

Pet? Not likely.
Not rich enough

Billy have you actually killed someone? was it dragged out and do you think your evil or bad? Karl

I might’ve. See, I’m no fool. I’m not going to perjure myself here. I’m full of the milk of human kindness I am.

Er, I don't know if this is the right place to submit this, but:

Hi, Billy. Some questions to ask you:
Do you have dumb boys in your gang so that you feel better?
What's your favourite colour?
Can you stop bothering Cat?
:P Luna

Nah, because they’re easy to manipulate.
See above.
When she stops bothering me.

Do you really hate slaves, or did you just want the reward for Pedro? If you really do just not like them I think you change your opinion. –Abby

I like the things that make me money and I’m not sure that slaves are a good investment in the long run. We’ll have to see.

Please ask Billy how old he is. That's all. –Abby

Looking at twenty.

Hey Billy, how many boys do you have in your gang? Where did they all come from? Moonlight

See above for numbers. The street.

To Mr Shepherd(or Billy),
Why did you kiss Cat?
And why did you gave Cat a present?
What do you think of Cat's tattoo?
(Sorry if that offended you,Cat) Anon

Do you need me to explain that birds and bees stuff as I ain’t usually anyone’s idea of a counsellor of the innocent. I gave her a present because, despite everything, I think she’s a swell gal. I’m still after her about that tattoo.

I understand that messages sent via this medium will reach whomever they are addressed to, so:
Mr. William Shepherd,
I believe that despite your reputation as a businessman of questionable legality and oddly effective discretion, to stand by Miss Royal in her hour of need in the colonies was the action of a true gentleman. However, I must now question your motives for the latter and hope that you will forgive my indiscretion but I am inclined to wonder about the precise nature of your relationship with Miss Royal; do you intend to make a habit of coming to her aid for sentimental reasons or were your actions the consequence of great foresight on your behalf as Miss Royal herself does make herself extremely useful to you on occasions such as when she is indebted to your unwillingness to harm her?
Yours in confidence and anonymity,

P.S. I do hope you are able to decipher the above correspondence as among my classmates I have a reputation for long-windedness on paper, as it were.

I reckon its foresight as I don’t have a heart.

Billy, What exactly is your line of business these days? And how did you get so rich? Also how many weapons do you keep on you at one time? And where are they hidden? Lastly do you still have a giant boil? Anon

I buy and sell stuff, not always strictly above board, you understand. In fact, if you’re interested, I’ve got a good line in brandy if you’re in the market for some. Just come in from…well, never mind exactly where. See above. I am a handsome chap, I am.

To Mr Shepherd(or Billy),
Hi,it's me again.

Why didn't you kill Cat in Den of Thieves when you had the chance to kill her?

Why do you hate(or scared of) ropes?

Between these options,which one will you pick if you can only pick one?
A.Having Cat kiss you in return and/or stay with you forever(Sorry again,Cat)
B.Having a lot of money
C.A true friend
D.Kill Cat


Because it would’ve been a waste. I don’t mind ropes – I just don’t like seeing people hang off them under any circumstances. B – definitely B.

To Billy,
Please describe your childhood Anon


To Billy
Sorry it's me again.
How did you meet Cat?

On the streets.

Hey Billy,
How many places in the world have you visited? (I.e. you were in the West Indies with Cat). Have you ever visited France or do you just do business there? Alana

No, I’ve not yet been to Paris but I’m beginning to spread my wings as a business man so intend to do more travel.

Dear Mr ShepherdBilly
It is my greatest pleasure to meet the most remarkable man in London. I am truly your greatest fan because of your choice in weapons,furniture,clothing( purple suit was a nice touch)and many more. I agree with what you have previously said a million times as I know good businessmen always have secrets( I respect that). You have made Cats storys entertaining. Thank you. HasAmy
When did you create your umm.............attractive gang. (Hopefully I haven't offended you)
2. And just in thoughts, you were looking quite handsome recently so I would like to know how is that old cow of a wife? Hopefully she dies soon so you can be that handsome, wealthy bachelor again. Think I have over written, but it has been my pleasure. Once again, Thank You :)

I created my gang when I was about thirteen – many of them grew up with me so knew what they were getting. I’m not wed yet – but almost.

dearest billy

would you marry me? i love you so much! you're really cool and i'm sure i'm not the only one thinking this. i hope you don't love Cat or even like her. why'd you kiss her? Haseena

What’s your dowry? I’m only in this wedding business for the money.

Billy, if the world was going to end tomorrow (hypothetically) how would you spend your last day? xxFlowersofDarkxx

Enjoying the good things of life.

hello billy,
just wanted to let you know your my favourite cat royal character, and i think she's an idiot for not jumping at the chance to be in your gang? i was wondering if ou wouldn't mind helping me with a problem i've been hhaving? ou remind me a lot of my best friend. recently, he's been acting really weird around me, like we used to be sill and stuff, and now he's all serious, and i keep catching him staring at me. hats goin on? Nancy-Ann Peters

I ain’t no mind reader like Cat. Why don’t you ask him?

Dear Billy did you have to marry that beer princess that you mentioned in cat o nine tales
See above.

HI Cat! I can't believe I'm doing this, but, could you please send this message to Billy?-Billy Shepard, I've only read Cat's books up to Cat o'Nine Tails and are you EVER going to stop giving her a hard time?-And Cat, I'd continue to watch my back if I were you.-Abby

No. It makes life worth living to torment her.

Hi Billy ;)
I love reading about you in the books and appreciate your sense of humor. I would like to know what you want out of life: more money? A title? Teasing Cat? Torturing Sid? Do you even keep in contact with your biological family whom I believe you said were butchers? Lena

More money – the rest would follow from that.

I keep my family at a distance apart from my half-brother who shows promise.

Billy.....what is your most unusual weapon place as Cat says you carry a lot of weapons with you at once!?!

See above

This is for Mr. Shepherd, if he may spare me a moment, I am delighted to meet you at last. What is your favourite animal and colour? Why in the world did you kiss Cat at the ball? And, if I may ask, what was the most embarrassing moment in your life? Thanking you for taking the time to read (and hopefully answer) these questions. I hope your business goes well. Luna

I like animals to be useful so I'd pick horses. See above on kiss. I ain’t gonna tell you about my embarrassing moments because I don’t want to give my enemies anything to hold over me.

Dear Billy,
Have you ever once been a tiny attracted to Cat?

Not a tiny bit. Read that as you like.