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Pedro's replies

Dear Friends in London,

Thanks you for your messages. They reached me thanks to the services of the Merry Meg. I would like to assure you all that I am well despite the slow grind of this war. Our struggle here is like a fugue on violence – a continuing variation on a theme of bloodshed. Only our fervent belief in the justice of our cause keeps us going. Jenny has joined me and brightens up life here in the camp. She sends her greetings with mine.

And now, here are my answers.

To Pedro, are you planning to stay in the Carribean forever, or will you come back after the war?


Dear Nicole

I intend to come back as I find I feel more at home in London than I do here.

Hi! I know this sound stupid but is the slave revolt doing well? I think it should be but hey, I'm not a fortuneteller. Have you ever let Cat play your violin? Does she know how? Do you think the end of the slave revolt is near? Do you miss your London friends? Have you found any of your family in the revolt by any chance? Do you know that Cat found hers? Do you correspond with Cat through letters? I'm sorry for the barrage but I just hope for answers to them. Sadly curiosity is a not-so great trait of mine, but I hope you're used to it. You probably are 'cause you have to put up with Cat. Oh yeah, and do you actually think Frank was jealous at that ball in Bath? PLEASE RESPOND TO ALL IF SOME ARE OFFENSIVE JUST SAY SO THANX Alena

Dear Alena

We have lost many good men and progress is very slow. Yes, I have let Cat play my violin but I fear she is not a natural. Yes, I miss my friends. No, I do not have family here. I did receive her letter with yours so I have caught up with her news. You mention Bath – that seems so long ago. I think we are all far beyond that night.

Hi, Pedro. I am so excited that you are answering questions. What did you think of Cat the first time you met her. What is your funniest moment with Cat? What is the most memorable moment? About how old are you? Did you hear about Cat's adventures in Scotland? Lastly, do you think Cat and Frank would make a good couple? Sorry for the many question. Hope you're well. Thanks! Rosie

Dear Rosie

I thought she was intriguing but I would never guess we would become friends. I think the funniest moment was when she interrupted me on stage to bring me my violin (see The Diamond of Drury Lane). I think my most memorable moment was when she came for me when Billy had me trapped. I have heard of her recent adventures. I think anyone would be privileged to marry either of them but together? – hmm – that seems unlikely.

Dear Pedro

How are you and how is your violin please

1) what was your first impression of cat

2) what did you think of seeing cat when you where held captive by billy

3) what did you think when cat put herself between you and hawkins sword

4) was it hard seeing cat in the navy

5) were you worried when she jumped ship

6) did you like her indian clothes

7) how do you feel about her slavery to hawkins

8) how are things with jenny


Dear Pedro,

What are some of the things you are currently experiencing over where you are? I've got to say, my heart bleeds for Cat, since she's separated from you! Bri

Dear Bri

Please see above for some of these answers. On 3) I wished she did not but was of course grateful. 4) I hated seeing her suffer on board but we also had some good times. 5) I was terrified for her! 6) Yes, they were very sensible much more so than what Europeans normally wear. 7) It made me feel sick. 8) Jenny is well and in good spirits.

Dear Pedro,

If there had been a real diamond and you had found it in Mr Sheridan's office, what would you have done with it? Theatre Royal

Dear Pedro,

1) If there had been a real diamond and you had found it in Mr Sheridan's office, what would you have done with it?

2)If you could play another instrument except the violin, what would it be?

3) Who do you think is the best match for Cat?

4)How are things going at the revolt and will you be going back to London soon?

Ah, this is a difficult question for me because I would have tried to sell it and use the money for myself at that point. I had not found good friends at that time. I would have used the money to make a new life. I would like to be able to play the piano. I do not want to plan Cat’s life – whoever she loves will be the best match. Please see other answers for last question.

Hi! This is for Pedro, When do you plan on coming home from Jamaica? Thankyou Pedro! YOu are my favorite character! Love, Lana <3

I am not on Jamaica but San Domingo. I will be back when I feel I have done my part. If I can no longer be useful, I will try to come home.

Pedro!!! *hugs a million times* We miss you so much! *hugs some more* Please come back to England! Cat's books (as amazing as they are) really just aren't the same without you! On another note, how are things going in America? Is everything working out to your advantage? We hope you're alright and haven't been harmed at all! Have you been seeing any of John and Lizzie too? And we hope you're continuing the violin so you can play when the theatre reopens! It can't take too much longer..

Many hugs and kisses from us both,

Tabbie and Imy.

Dear Tabbie and Imy

I am not in America – but the Caribbean. Thank you for your fond wishes.

hey i have some questions for pedro;-

1)what is your favourite colour?

2)favourite animal?

3)favourite piece of music?

4)do you still spend time with jenny and georgie?

5)do you miss london?

6)do you think that youll ever see cat again?

yours diamond xxx

Dear Diamond

I like blue, dogs, and The Magic Flute. Only Jenny is with me so yes we spend time together. Yes, I miss London – not because of the city but because my friends live there. I am sure I will see Cat again.

Dear Pedro,I have read all the cat royal books and you one of my favorite charecters. I am reading "Cat among the pigeons" and I love it. I hope the war is going well. Bye and thankyou Imo.

PS:Do you like Rabbie? Bye again!

Dear Imo

I am yet to meet Rabbie but it is surely good for Cat to have him in her life. None of us should be alone.

To: Mr. Pedro Amayke

From: The future (21st century) and the other side of America.

Subject: A Series of Questions

First, how are you doing? Is your violin well and properly taken care of? Are you keeping your bow supple and smooth with the rosin? And do you polish the violin once in a while?

And more importantly, have you broadened your knowledge of songs even further? (I recommend Mozart's Violin Concerto No. 5 in A, the 2nd Movement, if you haven't learned it already)

What was it like, Pedro, to finally be free from the evil and vile hardly-deserve-to-be-called-a-man Hawkins? I assume that is was the most wondrous feeling.

And also, if you could learn another musical instrument, what would you pick?

And did you know that in 1865, about a hundred years from now, slavery ended in America? (Unfortunately, equality for all -yes Cat, even for women- became real in the States [which, I believe, is a bunch of small colonies gathered close to each other right now for you] around late 1900s, which is about two hundred years from your point of view.)

And knowing that, would you like to travel forward through time to see the New World? (I swear, on my mother's honour [she is rather like the Duchess of Avon] that I could arrange, if you prefer.)

If you could swap places with anyone, whom would you chose and why?

I know my questions are rather unrelated to each other, but then, I'm not a prim or proper kind of girl. But to save you from the tedious task of answering, this is the aast question, I promise.

If you could make the lives of everyone you hold dear in your heart forever happy and contented, but at the cost of you becoming a slave again (I apologize if this rather personal question invoke memories that you would rather not recall), would you?

I apologize sincerely for all this bombardment of inquiries, but I'm rather curious for your answers, and like Cat, I'm a feet-first-then-think-later kind of girl.

Hats off to you,


Dear Nyra

My violin is suffering under these conditions and I need more roisin and new strings. I fear it sounds more like a fiddle than a violin these days – but that perhaps is a small matter compared to the battles around me. Thank you – I am familiar with that work. Do you like the Violin Sonata (Andantino)- that is a favourite of mine. For your other musical question – please see earlier reply.

I would like to swap places with Mr Sheridan as I would enjoy running a theatre.

I cannot imagine the future but I hope that slavery does indeed end. I fear it will always exist in some form as I am not optimistic about human nature.

As I would die for my friends if necessary I am sure I would face the choice you gave me of returning to slavery.

Hi Pedro. I have read all your books and i'm reading them all again. It's so good that you and cat adopted each other. Do you ever get fustrated with cat getting into so many scrapes? Do you also feel upset about mr Hawkings treating cat as he did in the carribean and do you feel partly to blame for it? If so you shouldn't it was not your fault. from imo.

ps:Do you get sick like Cat did in the carribean?

pps:I think your great and I love Cat as well!!

Dear Imo

Of course I was upset but I do not make the mistake of blaming myself – he is the one to blame for his actions and those who allow this trade in human flesh to continue.

So far I have been in good health.

Dear Pedro, How many siblings did you have in Africa? Is Cat like your adoptive sister? What is your favorite piece of music to play? Do you play any other instruments besides the violin? When are planning on coming home from Jamaica? Your friends are very worried about you and would love to hear from you. Thank you Pedro! Your my favorite character! I <3 you! -Carmen <3

To Carmen

I remember eight but my father had a number of wives so I may be wrong. Yes, Cat is like a sister. See answer above for favourite music. I can play the flute a little but I wouldn’t claim any mastery.

I hope to home soon.

Hi, Pedro? How are you? How is the war going in San Domingo? Do you think Frank and Cat would make a good couple? Please answer that one! Thanks and stay safe! Tiffany

Dear Tiffany

I have answered most of your questions already. I cannot think of them as a married couple – both are far too young for that and at the moment I do not think they would suit.

Dear Pedro,

how far do you hope to go with your violin career and what are your feelings for jenny and do you think that any of your family might still be alive and do you hope to see africa again Brianna

My career is far from my mind at the moment but I would like to lead an orchestra. I am very fond of Jenny – she is so brave. In fact, she reminds me a little of Cat as she has a wicked sense of humour.

I am sure many of my family are still alive but we are scattered and I cannot torment myself by thinking I would be able to find them unless I had extraordinary luck

have you ever for like a sec had feelings for cat that were not sisterly and mabey had feelings for you. Katrine

Dear Katrine


Hey Pedro

How are u in San Domingo at the moment? I hope u r doing OK, as I 4 1 am definitely an anti racist. Just a few questions...

1.What was your first impression of Cat?

2. When were u taken away from yourhome and sold into slavery?

3.What has been ur FAVOURITE adventure?

4.Do u think there might be anything romantic between tou and Jenny, if the war goes OK?

5. Do u have any ambition of finding your real family?

6. Have you spoken to Cat at all since San Domingo?

And finall, might it interest u 2 know Cathas found her real brother! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Ruby,

My first impression of Cat was of a little red head much too big for her boots. I don’t know the exact date of when I was taken – I was young but old enough to have memories of my home so perhaps four or five. I enjoyed travelling with Signor Angelini – I learned so much and I was not in danger for once. War does make all relationships more intense but I think we are meant to be companions only. See above for other answers. We have only exchanged letters – and this is the first from me so this will all be news for her.

Pedro when u was Mr hawkins slave. Would he punish u over silly little things??? Like in the black of jamaica when Manny got hit because Hawkins wanted Cat to bring his breakfast instead? Zara

Dear Zara

Mr Hawkins is a rotten hearted villain and his punishments were evil so yes.

Dear Pedro,Do you like Jenny in any romantic way? Also what was your first impression of Cat? Xxxxxxxxxxxxx Alice

Dear Alice

Please see above for answers.

Dear Pedro, What is your favorite color? Food? Animal? Music? Play? Book? and instrument besides your violin of course? Thankyou very much! Love you! Veronica. <3

Dear Veronica

I have answered some of these above but the new ones: I like mango. I liked the balloon play I was in the first time I was at Drury Lane - it was very funny. I do not read very much as books are very expensive but Cat introduced me to the Tales of the Arabian Nights – this is now my favourite.

Hi Pedro! Have you ever thought of teaching Cat how to play violin? Or do think she won't be very good at it? You are my favorite character! Love, Loulu

Dear Loulu

I think she would test my patience to the extreme – it may not be a good idea for the sake of our friendship!

Pedro how old are you and what were you thinking when you saved cat the first time Sara

Dear Sara

I think I was about thirteen.

Dear Pedro,

Do you think that Cat and Frank would make a good couple (romantically)? Also, have you been hurt at all while fighting for the rights of slaves?

Thankyou, Stacey x

Dear Stacey

See above for first answer. I have not been hurt as my role is in the camp and not on the attacks. I raise morale here and entertain. It is less dangerous than life as a slave.

Hey Pedro! Do you like cat as a sister? What is your favorite animal? What do you think of JF? Do you believe in ghost? How did you find out about you family? What is your favorite food? What is your favorite fruit? Who taught you to play the violin? Do you now Billy is afraid of ropes and snakes? I know, these questions are so random. Celine

Dear Celine

Cat is my spiritual sister if not blood relation. See above. J-F is an intriguing rogue – I do not trust him even if Cat does. Yes, I believe in ghosts. I know very little about my family – just hints and scraps. See above. I was taught first on board a ship and then by a professional in the West Country. Is he indeed – good!

Dear Pedro,

How is the rebellion going? It must be very difficult for you out there in the thick of it. Are you making sure not to put yourself in more danger than necessary, so that you may return back to Cat safely? Also how are things with Jenny going ;) . One last thing, seeing how insightful you usually are, how do you view Cat and Billy's odd relationship? Does he have a crush on her or something? All that aside I hope you and Jenny are doing well and staying safe.



Dear Jenny

See my introductory words and recent reply above. I think Billy has been obsessed by Cat for years – an unhealthy form of love if you like. Even if she did reciprocate (which she does not) it would not be good for either of them as one would end up killing the other. Cat has too much sense though.

Hi, Pedro! How are you? What is your opinion on Frank? Also, what are your opinions on Syd and Cat? Thanks! Hermione

Dear Hermione

Frank is a top class gentleman and friend – I am very very proud to call him a friend, particularly considering that we are worlds apart. Syd is a solid mate and Cat unique and brilliant. They are the most important people in my life (along with Jenny and my new friends here I should add).

Dear Pedro

hope you are well

what do you think of syd and cat's hopes for him a bridget who do you think cat is hard-headed about not finding love Bri

Dear Bri

I imagine Cat is meddling again but it will do no good. The human heart is not led by cool calculation. Cat is however sensible not to think to fall in love now – she is so young and experience might still change her and her ambitions in new and unexpected directions.

do you,pedro,like anyone alot???

i think u r cool. Chip

Dear Chip

I like many people very much but no one is that ‘special’ one if you are asking a question about romance. They are still out there for me to meet.

Dearest Pedro

What was your thoughts when Cat tried to stop you from stealing the diamond?

Did you feel guilty for betraying her trust?

Do you think that if you knew who Johnny was back then do you think you would have sold him out? Anna

Dear Anna

I felt a twinge of guilt but I was mainly angry. No, I don’t think I would have stooped that low – I was hoping to make money from a cold rock, not another warm human being.

hi cat! i love your books sooooooo much(especially the parts about billy.) I have a question for pedro. how is the fighting with toussaint going? will we see you in any more of cats books? lots of love,, livi J

Dear Livi

See above for news. The revolution here is a work of years, not months, I fear.

Dear Pedro, Do you remember your first name from when you lived in Africa? How old were you when you were taken away from Africa? and, How many sisters did you have? How many brothers? thanks Pedro. Love, Banna.

Dear Banna

Please see above for what I remember. I think one of my names was Kwame – at least I remember my older sisters calling me this.

Dear Pedro, When is your birthday? Thank you, Haven.

Dear Haven

I do not know but I think I was born in the rainy season.

Hello Pedro I hope you are well (and safe!). You are my favourite person in Cats' books because i also play the violin! (hard work isn't it?!)I have a few questions for you:

1) How long have you been playing the violin?

2) Do you play anything else?

3) What is your favourite piece to play?

4)What is your favourite thing about Cat?

5) Do you think you will ever come back to England?


Helena x

Dear Helena

I have been playing for ten years now. See above for next two questions. I love how Cat really cares for her friends. Yes!

Dear Pedro, When is you birthday? Dragomira

Dear Dragomira

See above.

This is a question for Pedro....

1. What are ur sisters name???

2.When is ur birthday???

From Zara

Dear Zara

I remember Efia and Kukua.

Dear Pedro

Thank you for answering questions! We have all been dieing to talk with you about the Revalution (i think that is how yow you spell it.) So i have a few questions for you, none that involve Cat's feelings. Your welcome Cat. 1) Why did you decide to stay o. The island while Cat went home? I doubt most people would gave stayed. 2) How did you feel when Syd let you in his gang but not Cat? If I were Cat I would have been furious. 3) Why do you think Hawkins wants you back so badly? 4) What do you think on the change in behavior on The Boil's part? Do you think he is up to something? 5) Do uou play any sports? 5) Do you have a hidden talent? 7) If you could play an instrument besides violin what would it be? I play the oboe!!!

Sorry for all the questions. I really appreciate it.

Stay safe Katie

Dear Katie

I stayed because my heart told me I could do some good and it was a cause worth fighting for. I thought Syd was very sensible – Cat would turn the gang upside down! I am a lost fight for Hawkins and he doesn’t like to be beaten. Revenge now drives him. Billy is up to no good and his charm is only skin deep. I enjoy kicking a ball around with friends. If my talent is hidden, I am yet to discover it. See above for last answer.

Dear Pedro! I LOVE YOU!! and..um.. Whats your favorite color?? LOL THANKS!!! Love, Sina :D

Dear Sina

Blue like a cloudless African sky.

Hi! This is for Pedro. Have you ever taught anyone how to play the violin? Also, can you play any other instruments? love, Brielle

Dear Brielle

No I’ve not taught anyone. I don’t think I would be a good teacher. See above.

Dear Pedro,

if you couldn't be a violinist or an actor is there any other field of work you'd be interested in trying? Mittens

Dear Mittens

I would like to be a composer.

Dear Pedro, are you in love with Jenny? Angilina

Dear Angilina

I am fond of Jenny but we are not conducting a romance if that is what you are asking.

Hey Pedro

I really admire your loyalty to your friends. I soon might be leaving my school and want to keep in touch with some friends but i'm wrorried I'm not up to the task and would find it challenging. Sharron

Dear Sharron

Thinking about them keeps them alive in your memory and will remind you to try to send word. As long as you are worrying about it, you are unlikely to fail.

:D Hello Pedro!

How's Jenny? Do you like her? ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH ANYONE?

:) hehehe... this isn't making any sense...

Sincerely, Sylvia :D

Dear Sylvia

No, I have no romantic attachments.