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Jamie's replies

Dear Readers,

I didna expect to be asked so many questions! It’s sair-work I tell you. I dinna ken how Cat manages it. Still, it was good to meet you all this way.

Here are my answers under your questions.

Have you ever been to england ,were you awear that cat already had plans for bridgit with syd,what's your family like , how old are you ,are you a red head and please offer my condolences to cat for not reaching 5ft ( I'm 12 and 5.5 ft) .do you even need your glasses?

Good bye

Le Chat

Dear Le Chat,

Nae, what would I do down south? London seems far away from my life here in the mill. As for Cat’s plans: she can plan all she likes, but it will be up to Bridgit, won’t it. The best laid plans gang aft agley. And aye, Cat is bagrel lass. Aye, I need my spectacles – why else would I wear them?

Hi Jamie,do you think that Cat and Frank would make a good couple? and do you think that Cat is in love with Frank? Lucille

Lucille, Lord Francis isna for the likes of us (meaning workers like Cat and me).

For Jamie, have you met anyone quite like Cat? What surprised you about her the most? Mintiflower

Dear Mintiflower, Cat is unique. Her gleg tongue was what surprised me most.

hey jamie how are you

what did you first think of Cat? Bri

I am well, thank ye for asking. I refer you to the reply above.

Hi Cat, this one's for Jamie.

Hi Jamie, How are you? A few questions.

1. How old are you? 13

2.What did you first think of A. Cat see above

B. Bridget? She’s a handsome lass.

3.Were you surprised to find out Cat was friends with peers of the realm, What was your reaction? Aye, I was surprised – I didna believe her at first.

4.Do you have puppy love for Bridget? What is puppy love?

5.What did the Bruces do when they first found you on their territory? They have nae grudge with me but they didna exactly make me welcome.

6. Who are your best friends? Ian and Dougie Moir


Hello Jamie Kelly,

What are five words you would describe cat as?

Do you plan on going on another adventure with Cat (if possible) any time soon?? Claire

Dear Claire,

Rackless, gleg-tonguit, canny, ramstan but with a heart of gold.

I’d welcome any chance to spend time with her and her friends – it is always exciting!

Dear Jamie & Cat of course

If you could pick Cat a husband out of her friends who would it be? I hope this wont embarras Cat!!!!

Yours Absta

Dear Absta, I wouldna wish her upon any of them! She’s too much of a wudscud at the moment.

Dear Jamie

If you had to choose someone for Cat to marry who would it be Syd, Frank or Pedro?

Thanks Abi

See above.

Hi Cat,

Please send this question to Jamie for me... If you can't, sorry for bothering you.

While you worked with Cat at New Lanark, did you ever truly find her a bit annoying, or 'a snippie lass' as you put it?

PS Are you still at the cotton mill? Arianna

Of course, I’m still in the mill – I have to make my living. Aye, she’s a snippie lass but you canna help liking her all the same.

Dear Jamie (If I may call you that!)

I was wondering if you would ever consider going to England to visit Cat and Rabbie.

Also, what was your impression of Cat's friends Frank and Syd?

Finally, do you think you might pursue a career in steam engineering?

Thank you very much,


Dear Lizzie, Maybe my path will take me to London one day but it seems a distant prospect at the moment as it takes so long to travel there. I like Syd and Lord Francis very much – they must be saints to put up with Cat for so many years (not that many people would call Lord Francis a saint). And aye, I think there may be a future in steam engines.

Dear Jamie

What did you first think on Cat and have you ever met anybody else like her Bri

See reply above.

This question is for Jamie Kelly. If it isn't him, apologies for sending this to you.

Are you still working in New Lanark? Where did you see Cat off? do you approve of her taking Rabbie to London or do you think it was a bad idea to go to the tower in the first place? Pippa

Dear Pippa, I saw Cat leave from Lord Francis’ estate in Scotland. I have nightmares thinking what will happen when she gets to London with Rabbie – it is an explosive combination. Mind you, it does me good to see them together: they do need family.


Tell me honestly now, what is the most scandalous thing you think Cat would do? Emma

There is no limit – but whatever it is it will not be cruel.

to Jamie

hi jamie, I think that you are so cool and I really like how you are in one of Cats adventures I would like to know If you would like to ever leave Scotland? Also if you will go visit Cat. I like how you both are good friends

thank you!

from Kelsey

Dear Kelsey, I refer you to my reply above

Mr. Jamie Kelly, how was it like working with Cat in the cotton mill? Rosie

I didn’t work along side her as I am training as a mechanic. I understand she did quite well considering that she started so old.

hi jaimie kelly

whats it like working woth cat?



See above

Jamie Kelly,

Would you like to come down to London to see Cat and Bridget again? I hope you do :)


See above

do you miss having Cat at the mill or do you really think she was annoying?Ari

Dear Ari, I miss her friendship but I think I realized she wouldn’t be staying there long – she is not made for a manufactory position.

Hello Jamie! Just a few questions: What are you doing now? What did you first think of Cat? Are you sweet on Bridget? How did you react to find out Cat was friends with a peer of the realm?

Do you think Cat and Frank are a good couple romantically? How old are you? Were you friends with Rabbie?

Lots of Love


Dear Awesome (what an odd name!) I have answered most of these questions above. I am friendly with Rabbie now but I wouldn’t say we are close.

Hi Cat! Sorry, but we'll have to ask you to pass this one along to Jamie for us!

So Hi Jamie! Did you have fun working with Cat in the mill? It sounds like it should be quite an interesting job for you both! But we heard you get cained sometimes though, is that true? Hope you haven't had to find out!

Also, one last thing, a lot of your Scottish language sounds pretty weird to us Sassenaches (is that how you spell it?) but do any words in our form on English sound weird to you?

Alright, we'll stop pestering you now!

Lots of love,

Tabbie and Imy

Dear Tabbie and Imy, It is true that the dominie will punish you for poor behaviour – but only if you are found out and I am very good at avoiding this. Much of what Cat says sounds odd to me – back-slanged for example.

To Jamie;

Here's a bundle of queer questions for you to amuse yourself (and myself - and everyone else's self) with;

If I were to say I LOATHED you, you would...

If I said I LOVED you, you would...

If BRIDGIT said she LOVED you, you would...

If I ate your last CAKE, you would...

If you were CAUGHT on the Lady's land again, you would...

I hope these interest you and you have fun answering them~!

Natasha xxx

To the first two – laugh.

Three – say I love you back.

Throttle you.

Run like the wind.

u still sweet on bridgit? Clara

Aye, she’s a fine lass.

Is Cat always really annoying? Jillian

Aye. How can she be otherwise?

dear Jamie

what did you think when Rabbie didnt want to hear about cat

do you hope to see her again on another adventure

what is your family history bri

I was sad for Cat when Rabbie turned away from her – families should stick together. See above for next question. My own faither is a mechanic and I am following him into the mill. I think my ancestors were farmers until they couldna make a living from the land.

Hi Jamie, I have a few questions for you:

When you first met Cat, did you think for a moment that she was part Scottish? Nae

How much of Cat's 'Sassenach' speech could you understand when you first met her? About half

How would you describe a day of working at the mill? Hard but it can be interesting if one of the machines goes wrong.

Do you mind being called 'Professor'? Nae, I like it.

And lastly, how would you describe and compare Cat and Bridget? One is a snippie lass, the other a braw one but I like them both.

(Thanks so much Cat for having a book in Scotland, as I am almost fully Scottish!)

Paige Taylor

Hi Jamie! You are one of my favorite characters in Cats Cradle (besides you of course, Cat). Why did you not like Cat at first just because she talked funny? Do you still talk to Cat now? Have you become a mechanic in the mill? Anyway, thank you so much. Bye! Jeanette

Dear Jeanette, I mention above my understanding (or lack of) Cat’s speech. Don’t get me wrong, I may tease you all about her, but she is a good friend now and I’d do my very best to help her should she ask. I am an apprentice so will not be a full mechanic for some years yet.

I send my best wishes to you all. Come and visit me at New Lanark!

Jamie Kelly