Julia Golding

Milly's replies

Dear friends,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me – I am honoured to sit in Cat’s chair. My brother, Charlie, and I both send our best wishes. Now to your queries.

What is your best quality? Morgan

I am intelligent – that is what I am most proud of. Charlie says I’m a confounded nuisance though because I’m always questioning him.

Hi Milly, what was your first impression of Cat? Where do you live? And have you seen or heard from Lizzie since she left England and went to America? Thanks, Sarah x

Decidedly odd because she was disguised as a boy at the time, if you remember. I live in London. Yes, I exchange letters with Lizzie though the delay means I always get news months after the events have taken place – most frustrating!

Dear Milly, What is your favorite animal? What is your favorite food? How old are you? Are you married yet like Lizzie? What do you think of Cat? What do you think of Charlie? Are you shocked about what happened to Cat when she got on the slave ship? Would you like to learn how to swim if you had a chance? Who is you best friend? Who is your arch enemy? Please answer all my questions! Celine

I like dogs and ice cream. I am eighteen and unwed – Lizzie did get married shockingly young in my opinion. Cat is a first rate friend and I am very proud of her. Charlie is a pain in the neck but I have to love him. Very shocked. I can swim, thank you. Lizzie is my best friend and my arch enemy is a girl who plagues me in the ballrooms of London. Her name is Hermione Bucket.

If it isn't Milly, I'm sorry for disturbing you.

If you are, how are you?

Do you like to act as a lady and go out dancing, or do you prefer to have adventures like Cat? Also, do you have an ambition or a particular job that you want to have? Thank you for answering my questions!

XXX Chicken

You poor thing – how could your parents call you ‘Chicken’! I am well, thank you. I do have adventures even going out as a lady – not all of us go to Cat’s extremes though. I would like to rule my own salon and be the centre of fashionable London.

Hello Milly,

How old are you? What do you think of Cat? When did you first find out that Tom Cat was really a female Cat? Have you ever been to France? Do you think that you could send me, an American who can't read Black Heart of Jamaica, a copy of the book? PLEASE!!!! lol



I have answered some of your queries above. On Cat being a girl, after the shock died away, I thought it a splendid lark. No, I’ve not yet been to France. There is so much disorder there I fear I will not be able to go for some years.

hi milly hengrave,

about how old are you????? Did your brother tell you about when cat dressed up as a boy in his school??????


Yes he did confess once Cat had left.

Dear Milly,

What did you think of Cat when you first met her?

You've had a lot of adventures with her since then, what where they like?

You are one of my favourite people in Cat's books (and you brother of course!).



P.S Give my best regards to your brother and frank!

I will give them your love. Sadly Cat has been away so much we have not had a chance to combine forces. Together I think we would be unstoppable.

Hi Milly, i was just wondering if you would ever wish to accompany cat on any of her adventures? Also why did you pretend that she was your brother in Cat Amoung The Pigeons?

I did not pretend that – Charlie did. For other answers, see above.

Dear Milly Hengrave:

Okay, so I saw that you were answering the questions, and I decided to ask you a few:

1/. When is your birthday? In June

2/. Do you have any pets? And if so, what are they called? A retriever called Boris

3/. Favourite colour? ( I'm sure someone else is going to ask this, though... ) lilac

4/. Do you have a favourite place in England? One that you like to visit a lot? I am fond of Boxton

5/. What is your favourite book ( if you read much )? I do tend to read a lot of ladies magazines but when I pick up a novel I enjoy gothic tales.

6/. Do you have a middle name? If so, what is it? Laetitia

7/. If you could visit one country in the world, which would it be? ( not counting England, of course ) America – to see Lizzie

8/. What did you think of Lizzie going to America? Would you ever visit her there? I was sad but understood. Yes, of course!

9/. If you had to change your name, what would it be? ( I know that's a stupid question... but... ) Boadicea – it would make everyone sit up and notice.

10/. When are Charlie and Tom's birthdays? July and September

Okay! That's all. Thank you for reading this, and I hope that you will appear in more of the Cat Royal books.



Hi Millie, I have two questions for you:

What do you think of Frank and Cat's relationship?

What would be one word you would descibe it as?

Thanks and hugs!


They get on remarkably well considering the social difference between them. Amiable.

Dear Millie,

First of all, greetings from the States; second, i have a question for you...or maybe a few! When you first met Cat (when she was "Tom") did you suspect her at all of being a girl??? How did it feel to know you had another little "brother?" Do you like living in Ireland, or would you rather live in London...or somewhere else perhaps??? Do you think you could ever masquerade as a boy at Westminster?? (not that I'm not saying would you WANT to.) Thank you for answering!


No, I was remarkably dense (for me). I was amused. I do live in London. Good gracious no: Cat says the boys are perfectly beastly.

For Miss Milly Hengrave,

Hello! Just a few questions if you wouldn't mind: 1. What do you think of Cat? 2. If you had a million pounds what would you spend it on? 3. Have you ever fancied yourself a match maker? Out of your friends would you say that any of them should be together? 4. How do you normally celebrate Christmas? 5. When was the last time you saw Lizzie? Have you heard about her daughter little Catherine? Thankyou! X Mintiflower

1. See above. 2. An estate 3. Ooo yes! Hermione Bucket (see above) should marry Wilbert Fitzborn – they deserve each other and have made my life this season a misery. 4. At home. 5. Just before she left for France. And yes of course I have heard all about little Catherine.

Dear Molly,

Is your brother still going to that school and did your mother get mad when she found out what happened. Did your other brother get mad.

You met Syd right what do you think of him and Cat.

Hope you are well. Bri

Mother remains in blissful ignorance I think thanks to some neat talking by Charlie (he is to be a lawyer after all). Tom laughed until he made himself hiccup. Syd is a splendid fellow – what one would call salt of the earth.

Hi Milly,

What did you think of Syd when you first met him?

Do you think you'll ever meet Cat again?

And how is your brother, the Honorable Charles Hengrave? Kato

See above. Yes, naturally. Charlie is studying, quite hard I believe, at Cambridge. Cat has seen him recently and reported back to me.

Dear Milly! Do you think that cat and frank would make a good pair (romanticlly)? And do you think that frank is sweet on cat, or that cat is sweet on frank?Love, Harriet x

My dear, sorry to shatter your illusions but I do not think the wind blows that way.

Dear miss Hengrave

Did you have a valentine ? :) Le Chat

Yes, but I suspect it was only from Herbert Humbolt (shiver). He is a little too assiduous with his attentions.

Dear Milly,

When you first meet Cat what was your opinon of her?? Xx Suzy


Dear Milly

Did you think cat did a good job of being a boy are you friends with lizzy ?

Who was the first person you ever danced with at a ball also please tell Charlie that he's mad to like maths ! Are all your brothers handsom ?Le Chat

Yes and yes. Johnnie – he asked me as a favour to Lizzie to increase my consequence - that was before he was exiled. My brothers do very well among the young ladies of my acquaintance so I suppose they are.