Julia Golding

Billy's replies

To all of Cat's readers, When Cat asked me to answer questions, I 'adn't realized what a bunch of flats you are! All those soppy questions about whether or not I love Cat. Wise up. The only person you need love is yourself – 'cause no one else will. Not even your mother – not if she's anythink like mine. Now pin back your ears and get a bit of Billy-wisdom.

To my dearest Billy, I was wondering when you would write the replys back to the letters of your uh, how can i put it... 'fanclub', as i am very excited about what you might write back. Please reply back to me very soon, Yours truely, Alexis p.s. i was wondering if you had any talents, besides cutting peoples throughts?

Dearest? 'Ave we been introduced? Are you a looker and 'ave a bit of money? If so, I might be interested. And I consider myself a man of many and varied talents.

Dear Billy, just a quick question. In Cat's earlier adventures you were trying to kill her and now you're being to nice to her, why? Isabel

I'm always nice – sweetness and light, I am.

Billy, Why did you try to kill Cat and then be all nice to her?

You think I'd really kill 'er? I 'ave to keep 'er around for the entertainment value.

Billy Shepherd Are you going to be in the next cat royal book Cats cradle ? P.s is it true that you LOVE cat ahhhhhhhhh !!!

'Ow the 'ell should I know? As for loving Cat, see above.

Billy,Would you ultimately do anything or Cat? I mean, you stabbed Hawkins for her! Katie Collier

I punched 'im – and 'e deserved it. I definitely 'ave my limits as to what I'd do for Cat – or anybody but yours truly.

Billy, Are you and Cat now friends, because it seems like it! Has Cat told you yet about her tatoo? Katie

'Er what? Cat, Cat! Come 'ere and explain. What's all this about you and a tattoo……..

This is a question for Mr. Shepherd. Why do you enjoy being so cruel to Cat? And then why the sudden change of heart in Jamaica?

I like the way you address me – proper respect for a respectable business man. I've always 'ad Cat's best interests at 'eart, 'aven't you noticed?

Hello, Random message for a certain person by the name of Cat (or Billy, depending on who is answering these things these days). This is being passed on by me from a friend. (I swear!) Well, this guy likes my friend, (he was crying when she left the country), but she doesnt really like him. She doesnt want to say; 'I dont like you,' or. 'sorry, no'. WHAT DOES SHE DO????? Once again, I am not doing the 'My friend that really is me' thing. I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Milli xox

See what a mean about soft-'earted flats? SHE TELLS 'IM TO TAKE A LONG WALK OFF SHORT PLANK, OF COURSE!

i would love to know billy why you like cat and what is your angle on the relationship you and her have as in black heart of jamaica you were nearly in it as much as cat also do you think cat will ever settle down, thanks yours faithfully hayley xxxx

Don't you go sticking your nose in my business, all right?

I have a question for Billy; How many weapons do you carry and How often do you use them? Which word would you use to describe your, ahem, ...interesting taste in furniture?

Finally a decent question. I carry about ten blades of different sorts and use 'em regular like. You think I 'ave interesting taste in furniture? I think I like you. I could send my men round to your place and they could do it over for you in my taste.

Dear Billy + Cat, I would like both points of view on this situation. What is it like when someone likes you, but you don't like them back or when you like someone but they don't like you? Katie Charlotte Collier.

If you don't like 'em, tell 'em forcefully, if you know what I mean. And who could not like me, eh?

Dear Billy After reading 'Black Heart of Jamaica', I think you've become nicer to Cat. Have you decided to stop teasing her? Or is there something more involved? Not necessarily falling in love with her, but maybe you are buttering her up now for a later plan...Though I must admit, the pendant and letter you wrote her was really cute.

I've always been nice to Cat – really nice. Well, I s'pose there was that night when I threatened to kill 'er – and the time I beat up her mate, Johnny, but other than that…

Is Cat a good kisser? Do you like Cat?

Rubbish as a kisser – she needs more practice. With me.

Hii again!! I just wanted to ask billy what he thought of you because you have quite obviously expressed your feelings for him. I just wondered what his views on the subject were? Xxx

She's an annoying little squirt.

Billy, Who is your best friend? Who is your best match? Do you think that you are a good match for Cat?

I'm me best friend. What's all this twaddle about matches? Do I look the marrying kind – leastways not for love – don't believe in it.

Dear Billy, Why is it that you pop up in strange places in every Cat Royal book?

Oy you, I don't 'pop' – I'm just mindin' me own business which occasionally gets tangled up with 'ers. Right you lot, I've 'ad enough of your questions. And stop asking Cat who she fancies, all right, or I'll send the boys round. Billy.