Julia Golding

Frank's replies

I have been passed your many and interesting questions by my good friend, Miss Cat Royal. As I really should be writing an essay for my tutor, I’ve decided instead to put quill to paper and tackle your queries.

To Frank, greetings to you from the 21st century. The two questions I have to ask are: 1. Which adventure with Cat would you say was your favourite or have they all had their moments of enjoyability? 2. Which life would you prefer if you had the opportunity to chose: the life of an earl, a gang member, a thief or a sailor in the Royal Navy?Yours sincerely E

I think I enjoyed my first outing with Cat and Pedro, despite the unfortunate encounter with Billy. It was wonderful to feel like a normal person rather than a stuffed shirt. As for the life, an earl, naturally. I am content with the hand fate has dealt me (and I'd be stupid to complain).

Do you fancy Cat? Please answer I want 2 no.Thx. Hannah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I'm not sure I understand your use of the word 'fancy'. To me it means 'do I fancy her chances in some competition or other'? If that is the case, then I would fancy Cat to always come out the winner. Maybe you had some other meaning in mind that I am not familiar with?

Dear Frank, What do you use to defend yourself? Katie. P.S. This may sound rude, but how old are you?

My fists, a sword, pistols and my servants - in that order. I am 17.

Dear Frank, What is the most extreme thing you would ever do? Katie ps. Should I have addressed you the 'Earl of Arden'?

On title, please call me Frank. I'm not sure what I would do to defend those I love - possibly die for them.

Frank, How would you decribe your reationship with your sister? Will you miss her when you get back to England? Katie

Loving - and yes.

Dear Cat/ Frank, We really love your adventures. They are the greatest books alive. Grace and I are your biggest fans. One question: Grace wants to know whether cat loves Syd or not, and she tells me to ask if Frank has any other titles. Lots of love, Natasha and Grace

Indeed I do - too many. Apparently they were dropping from fatigue at my christening.

Dear Frank, When the time comes will you take up your position as Duke? I can tell you love your adventures with Cat and the gang!!! How come you didn't dance with her when she was all dressed up and pretty??? She was very upset! Although I don't think she'll admit it! Jessica xxx

Of course, but not for many years, I hope. I'm ashamed of my cowardice in Bath - I hope I made up for it later.

Dear Frank, I only have a few quick questions for you, starting with; are you excited about Cat's coming back to Britain? Is Charlie with you at Oxford, and if so, will the three of you (you, Cat and Charlie) be creating much havoc at school as you did in Westminster? (If you say yes to this question I should probably say that I feel sorry for the Dons but I can't! You are far too much fun to read about for me to want you to have mercy on those poor teachers.) Anyway, back to the picking of your brain. How does it feel to be dubbed 'the catch of the season'? I always thought that it might be kinda scary; every single function you go to, you are swarmed with heaps of pretty girls with their mothers eyeing you up like you're a prize trout that they're dying to hang on their mantelpiece and show off to all their friends saying, "Yes, I caught him. Isn't he a beauty?" But perhaps this line of questioning is a bit personal- I shall finish with only two more and then you shall be free of my rambling that has been dubbed by my affectionate (yeah, right) friends as 'finger-babble'. Of all your adventures so far with Cat & co., which has been your favourite? And lastly, do you miss Cat while she is in the Caribbean? Thanks for reading and I hope that I wasn't tooooooo nosy.p.s. Did you hear that Billy Shepherd happened to be in the Caribbean too?

The details of my stay in Cambridge are still to be settled but I hope Charlie will come with me. You have it exactly right about the hunting mamas and their daughters. I refer you above to my favourite adventure with Cat. And yes, I always miss Cat when she's not near.

to frank just some questions i want to ask, 1. who's your best friend 2. do you think you might go travelling with cat again any time soon? luv bella xxx

My best friend is Charlie - or maybe Cat. I'll have to toss a coin on that one. As to your second question, I've not idea. It would be fun though.

I have a question for Frank (The Earl of Arden) What do you think of cat and would you if the situation would arise ever marry her?

This is a little impertinent... I cannot possibly broadcast my intentions in public this way.

Hi Frank! Just wanted to ask, how did you become friends with Charlie? Thanks! Mia

We met in detention.

Hi Frank, just one question, did you have to learn ball room dancing at school? i do... grrr don't like it at all. Melody x

Yes, I've had a dancing tutor. I'd look silly at a ball if I could not dance, wouldn't I?

To Frank, favourite colour, blue, brown or green? thank yoooo!


Dear Frank What do you think your life would have been like if you had never met Cat? What is your most eventful experience spent with Cat? What Do You Think Of Billy Shephard and Cat's strange relationship?

Quieter. The storm when she saved my life. I try not to...

Dear the Earl of Arden (lord Francis) I have a friend called Katie (collier) and like I do she loves Cats' books .But she just goes on and on about her books .How do I make her stop? Jazzi (desparate)!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you tried leaving the room?

To Frank (not to sure where i send my questions so i will just send them here) Three questions are you going to ever get revenge on marzipan? what do you do in your spare time? whats your favorite food? x x x :)Thanks

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Laze around. Sausages.

hi, this is for Frank, Dear Frank, Do you know what happened in Jamaica with Billy saving Cats life? If you do, has your opinion on Billy changed at all? Also, which would you prefer: A life as a rich upper class boy or a life like Syd and Cat have? Thankyou, Amy x

I'll only believe that when Cat tell me. I am happy in my own life, having learnt how terrible it is to be poor when in Paris. I think I'm really fortunate.

Dear Frank, What is your favourite subject? What is your favourite Latin word? What is "You are amazing in Latin? (Because you are.) x

I think I like fencing best. Latin isn't really my forte - you have to ask Cat - but I rather like the sound of gladiator.

For The Earl of Arden, What are your feelings towards your school? Are you getting good at boxing? Does Cat scare you? How's your French? Do you enjoy learning? Tell us about Cat, from your point of view...what did you think of Billy's answer? Do you enjoy being an uncle? Are you interested in romance? Are there any potential marriages? HAve you seen Cat's tattoo yet? What do you think?

My goodness, what a barrage of questions. Amused. Yes. No. So-so. Yes, sometimes. One of a kind. Not sure I understand. Yes. Um. No. No. Many things.

Now Frank is answering the questions can i retry with this message for him? Frank, what do you want to do for a job, will you join Syd at the butcher! Has cat yet returned to London? Thankyou Eliza

I will learn to manage my estates - a very full time employment. Not to my knowledge.

What do you think of Cat's tattoo on her back? i think it's really cool! hehe! mikayla xxx

I would never ask to see a lady's tattoo... But I agree that it sounds intriguing.

For Frank: If you could choose not to be a Peer of the Realm, would you? What are you going to study at Cambridge? In your opinion, can one be a pirate and a good man? And lastly, would you prefer to use a sword or a pistol in a fight? Thanks very much, you are awesome and by far my favourite character :) I was most disappointed at your absence in Black Heart of Jamaica, bar the first few pages.

No - that's Johnny's choice, not mine. Not much if I can help it. Probably not. Sword.

How would you deal with a bunch of bullies who thought that everybody loves them and worships them, when everybody actuallly hates them? Oh and if your house was on fire and you could only save one thing, what would you save? From Beth

Put them straight. Assuming everyone was out safely, my last piece of homework. It would be such a bore to have to do it again.

this question is for you frank! do you like cat's tattoo on her back??? and why did you seem jealous when you walked in on billy and cat during the ball. i hope i haven't "asked any questions that look into your heart..."

See above - and I'm afraid you have.

Dear Frank I always get nervous and flustered if I ever have to speak in front of lots of people. You always seem really confident, could you tell me how you manage to appear so?

Cat always says that being born heir to a dukedom does wonders for my hatsize. She thinks I'm far too cocky.