Julia Golding

J-F's replies

Mes Amis, I was sincerely delighted to comprehend from my good friend, Miss Royal, that you require me to answer your many questions. I have done my best but I do not promise full disclosure. I am a man of business and I am sure a discerning audience will understand that not all can be revealed without injuring my operations. Your servant Jean-Francois Thiland, citizen of Paris (Translated by Cat).

J.F: If Cat really needed your help in England, would you go to help her? Also you should feel happy that you done business with Billy, as without you he would never have had the Medici to sail to Jamaica to save Cat with Thank-you Amy xxxxx

Ah, my sweet Amy, I cannot reveal with whom I do my business. The officers of two countries may look too closely in to our dealings if I do that. If a certain gentleman from London was sent on a certain journey as a result of particular business I may or may not have done, then I am pleased. Miss Royal is fully apprised of how much she can rely on me. JF

will you ever visit London??? Lola

That is in the lap of the gods, ma cherie. JF

J-F would you consider dancing and acting in a theatre? Liz

Bien sur! I have already done it, have I not? JF

Dear J.F. How is everything looking in France? Excuzemoi, je ne parle pas Francais. Are you missing Cat? And have you seen Ibrahim since Cat left? I imagine so, but I have to check. What has your gang been up to? Please reply, et aurevoire, Lizzie

Ma chere Lizzie Things are not well a Paris. We have this terrible, bloody revolution – the guillotine is never silent, all of us are at risk from King to commoner. M. Ibrahim and I are both keeping out of the notice of certain persons. I would not like Miss Royal to return at this moment – it is too dangerous. JF

Dear J-F I love you! Dizzy

Ma chere Dizzy, If you are a wealthy, attractive woman, then I must admit that I return your feelings. JF (Don’t listen to him Dizzy – he’s just after your pocketbook! Cat)

Hi J-F (If you are answering these) Do you often miss Cat or do you feel that it was time to say goodbye??? Please do get in touch with Cat again as we do all miss your wit and "charm". In the last book by Cat we saw an appearence of the famous captain - which led Cat to believe you had conducted business with Billy Shepard (against her warnings) however what is he like in the business world??? Also J-F to you personally whats your favourite colour??? Food??? Animal??? and Place??? Thanks, with love from Jenny-G x x x

Chere Jenny-G You ask too much about my private dealings – I cannot reveal the secrets of my business, not even to you. I have no time for favourites at the moment – enough food is all I can hope for. JF

To JF Have you thought about reading some more shaksper You really liked that thing with the loundry basket. Marina

Chere Marina I am not the most fluent reader but I should certainly like to try if I can find a translation. JF

J-F would u ever consider kissing cat french-style? Harri

Is there any other way? JF

This is to JF, do you love cat as a brother or do you have other feelings for her? Emy xx

It is no secret that she is a very special girl. JF

Dear J-F, what would you wear if you were invited to a formal ball to dance? Elle

The most fashionable clothes I can obtain, of course. I dress to impress. JF

Hi J-F! Do you have feelings for Cat? The french are known for romance! Jen

Ah, l’amour! I love all you beautiful young ladies – and Miss Royal in particular. JF (What a load of flannel! Cat)

This is for J-F. I voted for you every single day to come and answer questions! Aside from Cat, your my favourite character. You know I take French at school and I do it out side of school? It's very fun. Anyway. That's beside the point. Would you go to live in England with Cat or have another adventure with her? Also, any chance of you coming to New Zealand? Thanks! Milli Xox

Unfortunately, it is not possible at the moment – unless I need to go in to exile. I’m afraid I am wanted by the English authorities for a certain shipment – I cannot reveal the details – so it is unlikely I will go to London. JF

hi i was told that i could ask J-F some questions here so i thought i'll give it a try, here goes, hi J-F/cat this is ti J-F, was your adventure with cat, when she was in france, the best thing that has happened to you or the most exciting thing that you have ever done? and i hope that this question isn't too personal, do you consider cat as just a friend, or do you think of her more as a sister, or...something else....? please answer my questions, and i just wanted to say your're the best! love you and cat, love Harmony

I have very fond memories of our time on the barge to the coast. She is a most entertaining and charming companion and retains a place in my heart. JF

J-F How many weapons do you carry? Is French the only language you speak? Do you admire your dad? Would you ever visit Cat in England or would you rather stay in France? Jenna

I rely on my wits. Oui. Non. France is my home. JF

Dear J-F. What's it like to be in such a powerful and admired position at your young age? Did your grandfather help you there? Alyyce xx

Ah, ma chere Alyce, you are so kind. Yes, I had help but I like to think the force of my personality was largely responsible. JF

dear J-F if you dont mind me asking, how exactly did you get to become prince of the palais royal theives ? do you enjoy or life or would you like to do something differant ? if you had to do something different what would you most like to do ?and also, would you ever like to see cat again, if yes would you try to get her to dance again ? sorry for the amount of questions but i would quite like to know the answers :-) thank you from sammy xx

I won my way through clever manipulation of others, Sammy. I would like to be richer. Be born wealthy. Absolutement – we will dance next time we meet! JF

Dear J-F? Why do you not want to come to london? Lola

I have confessed above. JF

for J-F! would you of liked cat to stay in paris or were you glad that she went home? also do you think you might ever visit cat again? Hayley

I have answered similar questions above, chere Hayley.

Bonjour monsieur J-F!!! I hope i have written to the right place so i am sorry if not. I have some questions: Will you ever be coming to London? Cat would like that. Also, did you ever do business with Billy Sheperd? I hope not. How much do you 'earn' per year? Well thats it, au revoir! From Katie

Ah, non, non, non, Katie! Even a devilishly charming girl like yourself will not winkle such secrets from me! JF

This is a question for anyone who wants to answer it, if you had a million pounds, what would you do with it? Josie

I would take very good care of it. Send it to me, please. JF

Dear Mr. J-F Will you be joining in Cat's advenure's again? If yes, will you be in Paris again or on Cat's territory or somewhere else? Hannah

Who knows, chere Hannah. JF

JF, Do you miss Cat? Katie

Oui. JF

Dear J-F, What is it like to live in France? What is your favourite thing about living there? Katie

France is magnifique – but very dangerous at this moment. I love my people. JF

JF, What is your best weapon? Katie

My charm. JF

This is for J-F. How is France! And how are you. Do you think you will ever see Cat again and would you like to? I think you should try and reach her by letter. Please answer! Dani PS: Im a girl

Chere Dani I have answered above on the sad state of my Paris. I appreciate the letters I receive from Cat but I am not much of a writer myself. JF

dear jean-francios, le petit roi i have a few questions which i hope you can answer without notifying me as a nosy person.1) what would your feelings and reaction be if you heard that Cat had come back to france. 2) how old are you. and finnally, 3) how hard is it to run a gang of 'redistributors of wealth' and what is you description of the notre dame thieves. thanks. Hannah

I would be most worried – it is no place for her now. About the same age as Miss Royal. Tricky. Merciless. JF

For the attention of J-F, You are a good dancer - how did you become so good? My initials are J.F! Bye! Jess

I performed in the theatre when I was a child. JF

Sorry, but may I please add to my first question to J-F? What would he do if he was on his own and someone tried to ridicule him...? PS you made a blog on my birthday lol. Andrea

I would ridicule them back with great pleasure. JF

This message is for J-F: Please don't be offended but I would like to ask you what you would do when you first see Cat again? I hope you are well and your Kingdom is powerful as ever! Nikki

I would kiss her – then ask her to dance. JF

M. Thiland, how do you deal when people actually start to ridicule you just because of some minor aspect of your physique or personality? Perhaps the fact that you are...um...slightly diminuitive? Also, do you think you'll be seeing Cat again anytime soon? Thanks and you are one of my favourite characters. Andrea

And you are one of mine, though I cannot understand how you think I am small. Perfectly proportioned is a better description. JF

Hi J.F How many weapons do you carry at once, and what type of weapons???? from Tara

I do not carry weapons. I have my wits – they are sharp enough. JF

J-F: What are your feelings about the English? Are you still dancing? Does your mother enjoy her job? How did you get into business with Billy and what are your plans for the future? Do you ever plan to visit England? Serian

The English are good businessmen. No, I have little time at the moment. Mais, oui. I cannot reveal such secrets. Not in the immediate future (see above). JF