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Charlie's replies

Dear friends of Miss Royal,

Having hear a little about Miss Royal's second career answering your enquiries, I was delighted to be asked to reply by popular demand. Though Miss Royal, or ‘Tom Cat’ as I think of her, and I have spent little time together since she masqueraded as my brother, I have been kept apprised of her career by my good friend the Earl of Arden (Frank). Though quite what wisdom I have to offer to you I am unsure; Milly thinks you are all somewhat addled to have elected me for this honour. But to my answers (I must say I was shocked at the personal nature of some of your questions!)...

Dear Charlie (or would you prefer Mr Hengrave?)I'm really glad you won the poll because i think that you are great ! :-) I really hope that you and your sister are back in some more of Cat's adventures soon.I have a few questions to ask and it would be great if you could answer them

1) how did you feel with cat as your 'brother'? did you feel really protective of her ?

2) Do you like Syd or are you a little scared of him ?

3) If you had a hundred poundds to spend on whatever you want what would you spend it on ?

4) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

and finally,

5) are you and syd going to be at the same college ? and do you think you will behave like you did at your old school ?thank you for answering and im sorry for the amount of questions ! :-)

Love from Sammy xx

Dear Sammy I must admit I did not sleep well while Cat was at Westminster due to fear that she would be unmasked. It would have been a very painful experience for me and unpleasant for her if the headmaster had discovered her. The penalty for helping him/her hide was bad enough. Syd Fletcher is a capital fellow and only a threat to his enemies so, no, I’m not scared of him. Given the money, I would put it towards a new horse – mine is a rather inferior beast I’m sad to say. Milly can have him (only joking, Milly). I’d like to go to Rome. No, Syd, I fear, is not able to attend places of higher education. Charlie

Charlie? do you like your school? what is your favourite subject? Would you ever travel to America to see Lizzie and Johnny's baby? What do you want to do when you are older? thnks! jennaxx

Dear Miss Jenna I am now going up to Cambridge so school is over for me. My favourite subject was mathematics. I would like to travel so I hope to visit Lady Elizabeth and her husband in Philadelphia one day. I will have to earn my living when I am older – I’m considering the law.

Charlie I have been told i can write a message tocharlie hengrave. What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?And if you were able to do anything you liked what would it be???

love juju you are my favourite character!!

Dear Miss Juju This is a ticklish matter to confide to a young lady but there was this time when Frank and I ran something unmentionable up the school flagpole… They belonged to a particularly fearsome senior master. Charlie

Hi Charlie! I was wondering, if you could invite 5 people to a dinner party, who would you invite (they can be alive or brought back from the dead). thanks! Immyxx

Dear Miss Immy Reviving from the dead does not sound very appetizing. I would like to meet Dr Johnson, Shakespeare, the Duke of Marlborough and Henry VII. I would of course need some ladies to make it truly convivial so I would invite Mrs Radcliff. Charlie

this question is to charlie: what is your favourite food?

why is it your favourite food?

when did you first eat it?

why did yoy eat it?

i know it sounds weird but its interesting to read the answers. Harmony

Dear Miss Harmony I am rather partial to dates, which I first sampled at home one Christmas. My uncle, who is in the navy, sent them from the Ottoman empire.

Charlie hi charlie! how do consider cat to be? as in do you like her and would you consider marrying her? i think you should you'd make such a cute couple!! oh and would you ever wany kids? if you do then how many? and plese dont reply by saying - i dunno or its not my business or anything cus i love checking cats QndA for replys! thanxx so much!!! Lotiiee xox

Dear Miss Lotiee My matrimonial intentions are as yet a mystery to myself. I have not considered Miss Royal in that light due to the fact that I think of her as my brother. Charlie

This one is for Charlie.

I think that you're amazing.What do you think of Cat?Do you like her just as a friend?.....Do you think she and Frank would make a good couple?Do you think Frank cares about her alot and always will?Ta muchly(i apologise if you found those questions too personnel!) July

Dear Miss July Matchmaking is never a wise undertaking. Even if I thought they would suit, I would not try to encourage either of them as it would likely produce the very opposite of my intentions. Charlie

Hi Charlie,What is your most exciting memory with Cat and Frank?Love Angela ps LOVE YOU!

Dear Miss Angela Thank you for your protestations of love but as we have not been introduced I am afraid I am unable to reciprocate. The most exciting memory was possibly outwitting the Bow Street runner. Charlie

Charlie and/or Cat: some random Q's

1) what are your most treasured possesions?

2) If you had £1000 what would you buy?

3) (for Charlie) What are your fears and hopes for the future?

love u both! jenna

Dear Miss Jenna I have a watch that my grandfather gave me. With that amount of money, I would buy a house. As for my future, I would like to make a difference for the better, perhaps by being a good barrister. Charlie

Hi Charlie, What is your most memorable experience with Frank? Did your younger brother ever come to the boarding school that you, Frank, and Cat went to? Thank you! Amanda

Dear Miss Amanda I refer you to the flagpole incident above. Yes, my brother did come eventually and is still there. I made myself scarce when questions were asked about him. Charlie


What was your first impression of Cat and do you still think the same?


Dear Miss Katie I thought her extraordinarily brave – and I haven’t changed my mind. Charlie


What is your main weapon of choice in a fight with someone like Billy Shepherd or another enemy, e.g. those boys at school?


Dear Miss Katie, I believe it is only honourable to fight with fists unless you are in a properly arranged bout. I would avoid fighting Billy Shepherd as he would not play by the same rules. Charlie

This is for Mr. Hengrave.

What is your connection to Miss Royal ?

With all due respect,


Dear Miss Zoe A friend and former brother. Charlie

Dear Charlie,

Great I can message you this! It's really cool. I have some questions. Well, I don't, I'm actually just gonna make 'em up now. Here goes...

1. What was your mum and brother like when they found about Cat pretending to be him? Shocked, I'll bet.

2. Are you at Cambridge with Lord Franky? (The Earl of Arden to me.)

3. What's your favourite sport, and, are you good at it? (Mine's cross country.)

4. What's the most fun you've ever had with Frank?

5. Do you have any other school-friends apart from Frank, or are you two, like, "outcasts..."

6. What's the most trouble you've ever gotten in?Cheers for aswering. Apreiciate it.

Hoping your doing good,

Vick x(For the record I'm a girl.)

P.S. Tell Frank, for a nob, he rocks!

Dear Miss Vick, Your language marks you out as being from one of the gangs – do you know Cat by any chance, or Syd? Heaven forbid you’re with Billy’s gang. My family were only mollified when Frank’s mother explained the need for subterfuge. My brother is still touchy about the subject as he had to go to school and fill Cat’s shoes, so to speak. Yes, I’m going up to Cambridge with Frank. I like cricket. I have had so many entertaining times with Frank that it is hard to choose. We’ve known each other since we were very young. We do have other friends of course but I don’t think you would know them; they move in different circles. The most trouble was the aftermath of Cat leaving the school. It is a sore point with me – thank heaven for the Avon rear protector. Charlie

To my Dearest Charlie Hengrave, May I just start by saying that ever since I read Cat among the pigeons, I have been a fan of yours. I have a few questions for you, but I promise to refrain from asking you about your feeling for Cat. My questions are as follows;

1) If We were to meet, do you think we would be friends? (I love to read, am very adventurous, like art, music and theater, Am sometimes shy, don't mind being treated like a lady or another boy, and I am sometimes a trouble-maker and a jokester, I am not a moing person, I like Green)

2) What are your feelings for Lizzie? do you think that she is beautiful?

3) Did you ever feel awkward when Cat lived with you?

4) Are you a moing person?

5) Cats or Dogs? what is your favrite animal and your favrite color?

Thank you ahaed of time for your time, You are a favrite of mine, and I can't wait to here from you!

Yours truly, your biggest fan,

Reagan (of the U.S)

Dear Miss Reagan You sound a perfectly delightful young lady and I will look out for you during the Season. I'm the handsome one standing next that that plain Earl of Arden. Lady Elizabeth is my sister’s friend but she is charming and very patient having had to put up with Frank (oi! Frank just nudged me – he’s looking over my shoulder as I write). It is dashed difficult having a young lady in your set but we managed. I hope I do not moan (don’t laugh, Frank!). I prefer dogs and my favourite colour is blue. Charlie

Sorry, Cat, this message is by-passing you.

Hi Charlie.I think your sister should answer some questions sometime, no offence, I'm glad you're answering some, it's just that I think I'm a lot like Milly in more than one way, I mean, I've also been told to stop digging holes. You know, I once dag a hole (a real hole) and I had to be lifted out becuase it was too deep and...oops.I'll move on. I was going to do a 20 question thing, but I think that would take a while, so 10 quick questions it is (finish the sentence).

1. My favourite sport (please say cycling, please say cycling...) is...

2. My most embarrassing moment is...

3. My best memory of Cat is...

4. My favourite food is...

5. My favourite colour is...

6. My favourite/lucky number is...

7. Yes or No, I believe in ghosts?

8. One thing you didnt know about me is...

9. If I had one wish I would...

10. If I knew the world would end tomorrow I would...

Sorry about all the questions. I guess I'm a bit nosy.

From Millixxx(And no, I havent spelt my name wrong. Everyone always spells it Millie, as if I've fogotten to write the e.)

Dear Miss Milli I will say cycling to please the lady but I’ve no idea what that is. That is between me and the young lady in question. Cat beating off two schoolboys. Dates. Blue. I do not have one. Hmm. I sing tenor. Have a magic carpet. Be sad. Charlie

Dear Cat,

Please pass this on to Charlie, thanks!

Dear Charlie, here are some questions I would like awnsering:

1. What is your fathers job?

2. Do you prefer Cat as a boy or a girl?

3. Would you like to leave boarding school?

4. Who is your best friend?

5. Have you been asked to join or are already in Syds gang?

6. Are you going to buy Cat a Christmas present- if so what?

Thanks a loy, yours,


Dear Miss Lizzie, My father is a lord; he manages his estates. As herself. I have. Frank. No. I do not expect to see her but if she were here a small token, perhaps a book, would be appropriate. Charlie

Dear Charlie, I've always wanted to ask you this- does Cat still feel like a little brother? Oops, sorry, sister!!!!!! Emma

Dear Miss Emma No, she feels like a friend now. Charlie

Dear Charlie

What are your favourite and least favourite subjects at school? And also, do you enjoy being...um... upper class? Or would you rather roam the streets with Syd's gang?

yours sincerely,


Dear Miss Chloe Mathematics and Greek. I am not quite like Frank – I prefer to be in my own milieu. Charlie

This one's for Charlie:Do you feel awkward with Cat?Are you jealous of Frank's friends?Do you like your life as a duke?(if you are one)Could you tell me the best prank you ever made with Frank?

Thank you..


Dear Miss Aiya Cat and I are good friends now and not awkward with each other. Jealous? Why would I be jealous? I am not going to be a duke but will be expected to earn my way. See above mention of the flagpole. Charlie

Hey! I was just wondering whether you've gone to Cambridge with Frank? And are you enjoying it? Bella

Dear Bella Yes. I believe Cat will tell you more about it in her next book. Charlie

Dear Charlie,

How are you? Are you going to go to Cambridge?


Dear Sir, I am well, thank you. Yes, I am. And may I say, how pleased I am to be talking to another fellow (lots of ladies round here). Will you be going up too? My college is Trinity. Do look me up if you are there. Charlie

This is for Charlie

Hey Charlie!

I've got MILLIONS of questions for you but I'll only ask five- Here goes:

Is Captain Bonaparte a real person, or is he just something you and Frank made up?

Did you enjoy having Cat stay with you and Frank at Cambridge (do you think Frank did?)?

Did your brother actually go to Cambridge in the end? If so, didn't anyone guess the truth?

Do you like Latin? If not, what is it about the language that you hate?

And finally... How do you really feel about Cat and what would you do or say if you met her again?

Thanks for answering my questions!


Dear Miss Shyma I believe you are referring to Captain Bennington-Smythe. He is a creature of our imagination. I think you are talking about Westminster and, yes, it was enjoyable as school is dull otherwise. Latin is interesting but I find Greek hard work. I am very fond of Cat – she is an extraordinary person. Charlie

Is Charlie answering yet? If so, how do I get him to reply? I'm having trouble with one of my friends. We've got exams this year, BIG EXAMS, and she's being such a show off to me about her marks. I'm really angry with her but I don't think she knows. I'm not telling her because she's sensitive. Will you be my friend? Please help! Tabbie

Dear Miss Tabbie I am the last person to ask for such sensitive advice – you should ask Cat as I believe she has more talent in this area. I’d tease my friend out of boasting if it were me. Charlie

Charlie, if you are answering, what do you want for Christmas and how do you celebrate it?Cat writes so little of you but you sound interesting to me, will you ask her to write more of you? Do you like Cat as a friend?Hope you can answer soon, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Dear Miss Tabitha I’ll celebrate it at home with my family. Cat does not know everything there is to know about me as we spent so little time together. And a Merry Christmas to you too. Charlie

Mr. Hengrave, what do you do in your free time at school? Do you study, play sport etc...?Thank you Miss inkweaver

Dear Miss Inkweaver, At school, I liked planning new schemes with Frank. Charlie

to charlie, what would be your ideal christmas present? Lexi

Dear Miss Lexi A new horse – hint to Frank. Charlie (P.S. Keep dreaming, Hengrave. Hands off Sasakwa. F)