Julia Golding

Lady Elizabeth's replies

Dear Readers, Cat has kindly allowed me to answer on her pages. I did enjoy meeting some of you through your messages and many of your questions made me think very hard about my new life. I was especially delighted to hear from my fellow Americans as I know so few people here. I will in future ask Cat to show me what you write to her - a glimpse of your lives and the way you all think was fascinating.

Lady Elizabeth (Lizzie)

Dearest Mistress Lizzie, What a pleasure to meet you! Here are a few questions I have. What's you favorite color? Who is your best friend? What's your favorite food? Favorite book? Favorite song? Favorite Poem? Thank you very much! Yours truly, Miss Reagan

Dear Miss Reagan, Thank you for taking an interest in my favourite things – it certainly made me think. I have always been partial to blue. My best friend is my husband. I have a very soft spot for chocolate. My favourite book is Sir Charles Grandison. I like anything sung by my mother, but Handel’s Hallelujah chorus is divine. I think Cowper’s the Task very clever. Yours sincerely, Lizzie

heyyyy lizzie! my names mia daniels. i just wanted to no how old you were when you married Johnny and had your baby!?? you must of been very young if you wer friends with Cat etc, im only fifteen myself and cant imagine what its like to have a baby and husband... love mia (mia 4 syd lol) xxxO

Dear Mia, Goodness, Cat’s correspondents are informal! A lady does not divulge her age but I was old enough to be out (over sixteen) but yet not twenty. Lizzie

dear lizzie what did u think of cat when u first met her? what is it like duke of avons daughter? please ansewer my questions sarah

Dear Sarah, I thought Cat quite, quite too splendid for words – so much liveliness in one small person. Being duke’s daughter has been wonderful but only because I have been blessed with excellent parents who make light of the duties attached to the station. Lizzie

hi this one is for lizzie im really curious about one question in particular and that is what is your actual title? is it just lady elizabeth i thought it might of changed like frank is now the earl of arden. how is catherine? how is jonny? did you know cat had a tatoo? thanks in advance love victoria xx

Dear Victoria Inheritance being what it is, I am only Lady Elizabeth, Frank gets all the titles. Catherine is doing well. We had a scare with chickenpox last month but she has recovered. Johnny has passed his majority but is not yet twenty-five. Oh yes, the tattoo. We did have some confidential talk in my bedchamber and she showed me it. As my father has one on his ankle I was only slightly shocked. Lizzie

this is for lizzie, sorry if you find any of these questions personal:What is it like having a daughter? how old is Catherine fiztroy now?Are you still a lady? thanks,Sara

Dear Sara, I am delighted (but tired) – motherhood is not what I imagined. Catherine is about six months. And yes, I am still a lady. Even in America, titles do have some meaning. Lizzie

Dear Lizzie, We admire you and your, I dunno, Duchiness? Well we would like to ask you some questions, if you wouldn't mind: What is your eye colour? What is your hair colour? What is your favorite colour? When is your birthday? Did you know Johnny before Diamond? If so, was something up between you two then too? Thank you so much!**Tabitha and Imogen**

Dear Tabitha and Imogen, Cat tells me she has described me in her books. Frank and I both have dark brown hair and blue eyes. I like blue. My birthday is 1 December. I met Johnny at a ball before I met Cat and we fell in love very quickly. I knew almost at once, he was the one. Lizzie

Dear Lizzie, Cat says to ask you a question, so I will. I was just wondering, do you find Frank (Sorry - Lord Francis, if I am supposed to call him that) is an annoying or kind-hearted brother? I think he seems a very nice person. I suppose that if I ever visit London (I live in Scotland, myself), and have the privelige of meeting him, he would probably be a very nice and good-mannered person. Also, what is your favourite type of food? (Although it might be a too luxurious delicacie for me)If you do get a chance to answer, then I thank you for your time taken to answer my questions. Yours truly, Robert, age 10.

Dear Mr Robert, Frank is a capital brother with a great sense of humour. I’m not sure I would commend his manners though. I do like chocolate cake. Lizzie

Dear Lizzie, I just recently read about your most uncomfortable tenure in the Paris prison. You must have been terrified! I know I would have been. (I'm not nearly as brave as Cat.) How are things going for you and Johnny in America? I'm sure your wedding was lovely. What did your dress look like? Your faithful reader, Arya.

Dear Arya The prison was beastly but when the doors opened I did start my new life in America so have no regrets. My wedding dress was pale pink silk (Mama’s choice but at least it did not have many frills). Lizzie

Hi Lizzie! How are things in America with the baby? Hope Johnny is keeping you safe! I was just wondering if it was love at first sight for you and Johnny? Where did you meet him? And how old were you both? Are you planning on having any more children? Sorry about all my questions, it's just that Cat doesn't explain you and Johnny's relationship that much, and I was curious. Also, is Cat like a sister to you, or is it more of a maternal instinct that connects you to her? Thank you very much, Sophie

Dear Sophie, I believe Cat is trying to be discreet. Many of your answers are above. I think of Cat as a younger sister or close cousin. I would like more children, but not just yet. Lizzie

Dear Lizzie, First of all I would like to say Hi! I have a few questions to ask you and would very much appreciate it if you would be so kind as to answer them. 1) If you had the choice to live in Russia or Italy, which one would you choose? (Italy) 2) If you were to have the pleasure of Cat being at your wedding, what color dress would you most like to have her wear? (Not pink – maybe white or cream) 3) Who do you think Cat would be happiest with? Syd, Frank, Billy, Charlie, or J-F? (Good gracious!) 4) What color do you think looks best on Johnny? (Navy Blue) 5) Would you ever like to have another child? (Yes) 6) Have you ever met Cat's friend J=F? (No) 7) I'm sorry to ask this question but what would you do if Frank died? (My goodness – be grief stricken of course!) 8) Have you ever tried a banana? They are very good! Just ask Cat (Yes) 9) Do you miss Cat? (Yes) 10) If Cat were to get married (and I know that she doesnt plan on it any time soon) would you come from America to be at the wedding or send a letter wishing her well? (If there was time, I would try to return but it would be unfair to expect her to wait months for me to come over) I hope I've not asked you too many questions. I hope you have a lovely day and stay in good health. Love, Melody

Dear Melody, See above for my replies. Lizzie

Hello Lizzie! You are absolutely one of my favorite characters in the books, and I'd like to ask you some questions. 1) What is your favorite book and/or play? (School for Scandal) 2)What do you think of Frank hanging out with Syd and Syd's gang? does it bother you, or do you not really mind? (What! He’s been running with the gang! Of course I mind.) 3) If you could meet one person, who would it be? (Empress Catherine the Great) 4) How's life in America with Johnny? (We’re very happy) Thank you so much! Lots of Love, Paris

See above. Lizzie

Dear Lady Elizabeth, It is so good to get a chance to ask you some questions! I'm a librarian who recently encountered your adventures along with your good friend Cat Royal. My daughter and I both have enjoyed Cat's stories very much. My daughter Cassie wanted me to ask you: "Why are you so mature? Do you ever have fun and get silly? What do you do for entertainment? What do you do with your friends when you are having a social visit? Is it all tea parties, or do you play games? I wanted to ask you some questions of my own as well. I understand that your mother was a rather famous singer. Has this caused you any problems socially? I was wondering if anyone had ever had reservations about your family because of your mother's background. Since your mother is a singer, have you and Frank had musical training? If so, what is your favorite instrument or song? Have you read Cat's adventures (as edited by Dr. Golding?) What do you think of them as novels? Also, I was wondering what your favorite books and plays are. Thank you so much for answering all my questions. I live in America (as I understand you do now) and have only managed to get hold of the first two installments of Cat's adventures. But I understand that you and Johnny have now married. Congratulations on your match, and on the birth of your first child! I cannot wait to hear more about what is happening with you when these installments are finally published in America. Yours Cordially, Hilary and Cassie

Dear Mrs Hilary and Miss Cassie, I am delighted you think I am mature. Of course, I have long since left the schoolroom so I am expected to act sensibly but I also have to compensate for my brother. I do like games though (not Pall Mall – too much scope for cheating when played by Frank). I like riding, though now I have a daughter and am living more simply I no longer keep my own mount. I have to admit that since marrying Johnny my daily quotient of silliness has gone up – he has an excellent sense of the absurd and teases me all the time – as I do him. I for example have not let him forget the Madame Martine episode. Mama’s profession would have been a problem had she not married a duke – ducal rank covers a multitude of social sins. I suppose some very high in the instep might think us beneath them, but I haven’t noticed any marriage-minded mother turning up her nose at Frank. I play the pianoforte and Frank actually sings quite well. He did play the flute but he tries to keep it quiet now. I like Mr Sheridan’s comedies (and Shakespeare’s). My favourite author is Richardson (though not Clarissa – it is too dull for long parts). Lizzie

Hi lizzie, or should I refer to you as Lady Elizabeth? I imagine you as really pretty, i bet lots of men would fight for you if Johnny wasn't around but i'm not quite sure. Anyway, I have a few (or maybe not) questionsto ask you and I hope they're not impertanent. 1) What did you think of Cat when you first met her? (see above) 2) What do you think of seeing Johnny again at the theatre. (Astonished and excited) 3) What do you like doing most? (Walking with Johnny and Catherine) 4) How old is Catherine Fitzroy now? (see above) 5) What do you of life in Philadelphia? (I’m busy running the household) 6) Who is your best friend? (see above) 7) Do you always have fights with your brother, Frank( I know I certainly do)? (I have stern discussions with him, he fights with me) 8) What's your favourite colour? (see above) 9)How do you think Frank will do in Cambridge? (He is not a noted scholar) 10) Do you think you would have a second child? (see above) 11) Would you want to come our time and experience the things people our time do? (What time is that?) Hope that wasn't too much,thanks a million, Nicole xx See above. Lizzie

Dear Lizzie, I have a few (well alot) of questions to ask you... 1. Which of your friends do you admire the most? (Cat) 2. If you didnt marry Jonny who would you rather marry either Syd or Billy? (Neither were on my list of eligible bachelors) 3. Do you ever feel bored? (No) 4. What do you prefere ice cream or chocolate? (Chocolate) 5. Who do you most despise in London? (Gracious – my cousin if he is there) 6. What was your most scariest moment? (childbirth) 7. Do you miss London? (Yes) 8. Do you like your hair? (Yes) 9. Do you get sea sick? (only in a strong swell) 10. What is your favorite thing to do? (see above) Yours truley, Lyd!

Answers above. L

Hi again! i was reading further into the Q&A and figured i have to send Lizzie the questions by you so here it goes Dear Lizzie, i haven't read all the books and only just finished Den of Thieves(theyre still not in america) where you live, Knid of like you have to wait for new from your parents and frank How r they? How is johnny? beside cat and you he is also my favorite. was it dificult to move to america and live in a foreign land? What is your favorite color, food, smell, and animal? How is your baby, Cat i think is her name? I am not suppose to know since im not there yet but there are a lot of spoilers on Q&A Well best wishes and lots of love Cami

Dear Cami We are all well, thank God. I have found life in Philadelphia most congenial. Americans are very friendly and admire my husband’s talent, so I am happy for him. I have answered some of the other questions above so will add that I like the smell of new bread and am fond of horses – and Cats of course. Lizzie

Hi Lizzie, I was wondering... If you had to be any person in the world, who would you be and why? Guinevere

I would be Sir Joshua Reynolds and paint great pictures. Lizzie

Hi Lizzie, I just wondered what is your favourite hairstyle (since I suppose you always have it looking pretty.) Also, what is your favourite food? Eleanor x

My favourite hairstyle is a complicated plait but it requires a well trained lady’s maid (Johnny gets it wrong when he tries to fill in for me). For food, see above. L

Dear Lizzie, I hope you don't mind me avoiding your title, but I don't like talking to somebody as though they are greater than myself - but I guess what with Johnny being like that, I suppose you are used to it. Well, here are the questions, Firstly, do you think that Cat and Syd should fall in love? I think that they would make a very sweet twosome (please don't kill me, Cat!!!!!)? When Johnny is allowed to return to England, do you think that you will come back? I love England, and would never leave it for more than a holiday. Lastly, do you think that your brother has slightly (ahem) romantic feelings for Cat? Thank you, Emma xxx

Dear Emma, Cat’s heart is her own business. Syd is lovely, but is he right for her? I can see us returning to England one day –sadly Johnny’s father is not immortal and we have responsibilities there. I think Frank has strong feelings of friendship towards Cat. I cannot imagine any more than that. Lizzie

hey Lizzie!!!!! Hows the baby?! I have plenty of questions, so pleaze answer what you can!!!! whats it like being a mother? are you alright, and hows Johnny?! have you heard from Cat latley? is Phillidelphia alright!!??? sorry I dont how to spell that.....thanx!!!!! daniellle ( you can call me Dani if you want!!!!)

Dear Dani I have answered some of your questions above. Cat sent a letter in this packet of your messages and she is having quite a time of it in Scotland. Lizzie

Dear Lizzie, How do you fair being in America where there is no nobility and everyone is the same? Aiya

Dear Aiya See above for answer on my life here. I am not overly attached to title and prefer to be treated as a person rather than a rank in society. Lizzie

Dear Lizzie, I have a few questions for you, please answer: No.1: Do you think you'll have any more children? (Yes) No.2: How old are you and when's your birthday? (See above) No.3: When's Frank's birthday? (3 May) No.4: If you could be anyone in the world, past or present, who would it be? (see above) No.5: What's your favourite colour? (ditto) No.6: What's your favourite food? (ditto) No.7: Who's your best friend? (ditto) No.8: Is there anything in your life you would change, if you could? (I’d remove the sentence on Johnny preventing us returning to England) No.9: Are you an accomplished horsewoman, if so, what is the name of your horse? (yes, but see above about my horse) No.10: Do you or Frank have any middle names? (yes, Maria and Frank has a long string of them) Sorry, that was a load of questions, I hope I didn't take up too much of your spare time, Jing-Yi

Dear Jing-Yi See replies above. Lizzie

Dear Lizzie, 1)when you lived in England, were you the peace maker when your mother starts doing what she's not supposed to be doing (eg. giving a piece of her mind in polite company) ? (Oh yes) 2)how old were you when you came out of society as a young women? (see above) 3)what was your first impressions of cat when you met her at the theatre? (ditto) 4)what were you thinking when you found out that cat fled from france without attending to the wedding, and fleeing with a thief? (strangely unsurprised) 5)what was your immediate reaction when you found out that cat was accused of murdering Mr. Dixon? (anxious) and at last, 6) what do you think cat will be when she gets older? (Always in some kind of trouble) Shameelah

See above. Lizzie

Dear Lizzie, I hope you, Johnny and Catherine are well. Do you enjoy being a mother and American housewife? Do you ever miss your family in Britain? You seem very wise. Do you ever see yourself as Frank's common sense? That's how Cat sometimes portrays you in the books. Best wishes from Eilidh.

Dear Eilidh, I do enjoy life here – it is a new challenge and I have only two servants to help me (many less than in my old home) but I enjoy it. I do miss my family and look forward to being able to visit them one day. Cat is very astute. The good fairy of common sense may not have made it in time to Frank’s christening. Lizzie

Also, my question for Lizzie, what is your favorite play? And also, your favorite book? Thanks, Love you both, Paris

Dear Paris I have answered these above if you would care to read through my replies. L

Dear Lizzie, What's a typical day like in America? Do you miss Grosvenor Square? (I don't think you'd miss Paris a lot, since it wasn't very safe and your family was arrested.) How old is small Catherine now? You are one of my favorite characters. Love from, Coral

Dear Coral My day(and nights) revolve around Catherine. I am learning to bake and I am making friends with the local ladies. I am also wondering what else I can do with my time. Johnny is keen that I have time for myself ‘You are not an unpaid drudge!’ he declares frequently with a twinkle in his eye. I am thinking of taking my music further, perhaps taking more lessons. I do miss the square – but only the people, not the place. Lizzie

Hello Lizzie :) Was your wedding day the best day of your life? Would you change anthing? Do you still love Johnny? What wedding dress did you wear? Thanks xxx Jess

Dear Jess, No, the birth of Catherine was the best. Of course I love Johnny – more than ever. See above for other answers. Lizzie

Hi Lizzie, Do you have any habits? Does Johnny? Do you bite your nails? Thanks, Delf PS: How is Catherine?

Dear Delf, I hum when busy. Johnny scribbles on any scrap of paper – shopping list or newspaper all get defaced. No to the nails. Lizzie

Hey Lizzaaaaaaaay! Hoi. That is sumo-wrestler for "hi". I have questions- you have answers. Shoot, 1) What, in your opinion, is the cRaZiEsT fruit? 2) Is Frank fit? Be honest. 3) Is Jonhey fit? 3) Did I spell Johney right? 4) Do I care if I spelled Johney right? 5) Do you care if I spelt Johney right? 6) Should I shut up about spelling, now? 7) I agree. 8) Do you think Frank and Cat would make a good couple ?(romantic wise *wiggles eyebrows*) 9) Would you be happy if they went out, or courted, got married, whatever you messed up people do? 10) Do you find me weird? 11) Annoying? 12) Breadstick anyone? 13) Was the breadstick tasty? 14) Is pinapple tasty? 15) Are you tasty? 16) Am I gonna stop now? 17) Ya' think? 18) Really? 19) Really?? 20) Good. RAWK ON!!! Tawni P.S. I'm posting the same question to cat to see how different your answers are XD!

Dear Tawni, I am most concerned about you – are you suffering from a fever? I found your ramblings and conversations with imaginary people about breadsticks most worrying. There are some very good doctors in Harley Street who might be able to help you. Both Johnny and Frank do take sufficient exercise so both are, I believe, quite fit. Lizzie

Dear lizzie, If you were too have another child, would you like it to be a boy or a girl + what would you call it? Do you ever worry about Cat getting into alful scrapes, as she has got herself into some of the worst while you where away. Tash

Dear Tash, I would like a boy but another girl would be very welcome too. Too early for names. Yes, I worry about her but she does seem to fall on her feet, doesn’t she? Lizzie

Hey Lizzie How would you feel and react if Cat commited suicide? (no offence Cat) Mattie

Dear Mattie I fear you have offended Cat. Your message reaches me with a little hangman added near your name. Cat is the last person to take this step so I have no worries for her. Lizzie

To Lizzie. I've always wondered what your childhood was like? And also, do you think Cat is pretty? Can you describe her? Can you also describe Frank, i.e your brother? Thank you so so much! Viola PS I think you're really beautiful from what I've heard.....

Dear Viola, My childhood was a privileged one – we were terribly spoiled. I had a wonderful series of ponies and very pleasant governesses so I have no complaints. Cat is very pretty but her beauty is more to do with her spirit than her looks. Frank looks a little like me – dark hair, blue eyes – and always had dirty knees and a bruise somewhere on his body from falling off/out/over something. Lizzie

Dear Lady Elizabeth ( or can I call you Lizzie?) Please will you awnser myquestions, 1. Who is your best friend? 2. How is your dauter? 3. Who do you think is the best match for Cat? 4. Who do you think is the best match for Frank? 5.What is your favourite colour, animal and food? 6. Are you good at singing? 7. Do you prefer England or America? 8. Have you read any of Cat's books? 9. Do you get the jewels Cat pawned for you back? 10.How old were you when you got married, met Cat and became a mother? Thank you very much! Lizzie

Dear Namesake, I have answered so many of the questions already, I will confine myself to those which break new ground. I think Frank should steer well clear of marriage for many many years so I am not thinking of a match for him. My singing voice is passable, but only that. I have not read Cat’s manuscripts, just heard a few bits and pieces from her. Yes I have the jewels back. Lizzie

To Lizzie, 1. What is your favourite item of clothing? 2. Are you superstitious? Thanks, from Ember x

Dear Ember I have a bonnet that I think very fetching. I try not to be superstitious – it can be a burden if you spend your life looking for the right number of magpies to ensure a happy day. Lizzie

Hi Lizzie, If you could rewind time and change one moment of your life for the better, what would it be? Thanks, Jess xxxx

Dear Jess, Rewind like a ball of wool in knitting? I don’t think I would change anything, the pattern is pleasing as it is. Lizzie

Is this the right place to contact Lizzie? If so, what is the most exciting adventure you've had with Cat? And what was your scariest experience? Love Angelmail xxx

Dear Angelmail, Escaping the Bowstreet Runners was very scary and exciting, but nothing matches giving birth. Lizzie