Julia Golding

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In which Cat Royal spins a tale about the search for her family, weaving in friends and foes, old and new. Her journey takes her from riotous London to a revolutionary cotton mill on the River Clyde in Scotland. And a mysterious newcomer is introduced.... So take your seats, ladies and gentlemen: the Industrial Age has arrived.
What readers are saying to me:

'I bought Cat's Cradle, it was amazing! I love how Cat has so many friends that come to her defense, and it's interesting to see part of her background. Like everyone else, I would definitely enjoy reading a sequel!!' Kara K

'Thankyou sooooo much! They are awfully clever books with a brill storyline!I wish that I was in Cat's world so I could experience it all! It would be so much more fun than this world!!! I'd like Cat to choose Billy! Talk about match made in heaven.' Rachel