Julia Golding

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Notice to the Public of Jamaica

Due to the threat of a rebellion by the slaves of this island, be it therefore enacted that from this day, 1st July 1792, all persons report any suspicions of revolutionary plots immediately!

By Order of the Governor

Presenting the fifth adventure from the spirited Cat Royal in which she joins a travelling theatre, turns pirate, undertakes a Caribbean Cruise and gets mixed up in a slave revolt.

With a guest appearance from
Mr Billy Shepherd
(Formerly of Covent Garden.)

Prepare to swash your buckle in Cat's most outrageous adventure yet!

What readers are saying to me:

'Just finished reading 'Black heart of Jamaica' it was REALLY cool! Loved it sO much:)' Sam A.

'I just read Black Heart of Jamaica and it's SO GOOD!!! I loved every minute I spent reading it and often stayed up until 2 in the morning wanting to find out what happened next!! I can't wait to read Cat's Cradle!!' Sarah