Julia Golding

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His Majesty's Ship Courageous this present day calls all able bodied volunteers who desire great honour by serving the Royal Navy. Loyalty, courage and gallantry will be met with the warmest encouragement from Commander of the King's ship, Captain Barton. Early applications for the voyage are welcomed as Courageous will sail with immediate despatch. God Save the King.

Presenting the fourth volume from our famous feisty heroine Cat Royal... In which Cat becomes an unlikely recruit for the British Navy, takes passage to America and navigates her way through a fiendish plot to do away with Lord Francis, heir to a dukedom. From the grand Assembly Rooms of Bath to the wilds of a new frontier, Cat finds she is for once quite out of her depth. All aboard, Cat's going abroad.
What reviewers have said:

'This is a terrific read. One can't help being in awe of Julia Golding's talent for storytelling in a book that grips you from the first page'
– The Daily Telegraph, 15 September 2007

Warning - the next contains some spoilers but was such fun I wanted to include it!

'5 reasons why I love Cat O'Nine Tails 1)They were press-ganged into the Royal Navy! (I LOVE the navy in the 18th century, and I was grinning madly when Cat deserted, how daring!) 2) Captain Barton is just - insane, yet funny. 3) Frank was a sailor! (I never saw THAT coming!) 4) Indians - (didn't see that coming, either) 5) It was THE greatest book I've ever read! Fact! Anyway, that's all!' Eve