Julia Golding

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Runaway African slave, answering to the name

Pedro Hawkins

Last seen in Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

Also, his accomplice, Cat Royal, believed to have fled after attacking the African’s slavemaster.

If you have any information regarding the two fugitives, please apply to
Mr Kingston Hawkins, late of Jamaica,
c/o Brook’s Gentlemen’s club, Piccadilly.

Herewith the second volume from the pen of Cat Royal, orphan and ward of the Theatre Royal. In which Cat must save Pedro from being shipped off to a slave plantation, is obliged to don breeches and cap to go into hiding, and comes face to face with her nemesis the evil Billy ‘Boil’ Shepherd once again!

What the readers are saying:

'I've just finished reading 'Cat Among the Pigeons' and I have bought 'Den of Thieves' I just want to say that I love all your books and I think that your an amazing writer. You've even inspired me to try writing a book myself!' Abby

'What a brilliant book this is. This makes me want to write books and to read more. I love the adventure in this book. Cat must be very brave to save Pedro.' Tegan