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Latest book news

Mel Foster and the Time Machine - out now

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To ask to join in the tour, contact me here.
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Cat Royal returns in her Diamond Tour!

Competition winners have now been selected. Congratulations to them both. Cat is going on tour in June so look out: maybe she is coming your way?
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Diary events

I love meeting my readers. Contact me if you'd like to ask me to visit your school, library or festival. I offer writing workshops as well as book talks. And for this spring, Cat Royal is going on a special Diamond Tour.

You can find out where I am next here.

What you need to know at a glance

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Mel then realized his proverbial goose was cooked. Not only had he revived a giant girl without waiting for the captain's command, but, worse than that, she'd turned out to be French.
Mel Foster and the Demon Butler

My BIG news is the first part of my new fantasy series is out now. Join Mel Foster and his band of monster friends as they do battle with a demon butler on the streets of Queen Victoria's London.

It's London, but not as you know it!

You can buy the book here.

Part two, Mel Foster and the Time Machine, is also out now.

Dragonfly and The Glass Swallow

I've just re-covered the British edition of Dragonfly and The Glass Swallow. If you like epic fantasy set in far off lands, then why not put this on your summer reading list? Dragonfly also at a special introductory price - just £1.54.

Recent review from a reader (Francesca): 'I got Dragonfly when it was first released and it has been my favourite book since! When I realised that you had also written the Glass Swallow, I was over the moon.

I think both stories are superb, I love the combination of adventure, romance and fantasy. The stories never lose their sparkle and I read them again and again and again, although they are quite tattered now!' Download now.
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Read a Cat Royal story for free!

As a special gift for fans, I have written a novella about Cat's return across the Atlantic (it comes between Blackheart and Cat's Cradle). You can download it in my shop or look it up on iTunes. it won't cost you a penny!
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The Companions Quartet continues in Universal Companions: Water Thief. Read about George, the youngest universal, and his battle to save the earth with only the aid of the rudest goblin in existence, Malvin. You can buy it in paperback here, or download it as an ebook from my shop.
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Interested in the spy adventures of Darcie Lock? You can buy Ringmaster and the other two Darcie Lock books in paperback or download it from my shop.
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Where's Cat?

You can still talk to Cat. You can find her here on the Q&A page.